How to Solve Universal Crosswords easily?

Looking for easy tips and tricks to solve the amazing and difficult universal crossword puzzles? Well, solving crosswords never really gets too easy, no matter whether you are a pro or an amateur. The clues are always confusing and take some good amount of time to understand and solve. Although, a little bit of help from experts can always help you speed up your time solving the crosswords. So, here are the best expert tips to help you solve the Universal crosswords in record time.

solving universal crossword image

1. Always use a pencil

When you solve a crossword, you are prone to make mistakes, which only helps you think more and become a better solver. Using a pencil gives you the liberty to make corrections and think about more possible answers. So, instead of using a pen and writing down the crossword answers for good, start using a pencil to explore more possibilities.

2. Solve puzzles from the same editor

Every newspaper, online website or magazine has a unique pattern for their crosswords. It can be the use of words, the clues, the difficulty level, etc. So, when you start solving a crossword, make sure to follow just one source. This will help you to solve the crosswords easily and also boost your ego and confidence. So, when you are solving the universal crosswords, continue to solve only them for as long as you can until you become a crossword pro.

3. Read and Understand the clues

Understanding clues is the most difficult part of solving a crossword puzzle. Reading in between the lines, understanding the hidden meaning and taking hint from the crossword provider, altogether helps in solving crossword puzzles. So, if you want to become an expert, remember to read and understand the clues carefully. Remember to understand cryptic clues, hidden clues, wordplay, etc. like the back of your hand.

4. Solve the crosswords systematically

Crossword puzzles can become easier when you follow the basic tips first. One of them being, starting the puzzles with the Fill-in-the-blanks and then move to the smaller three and 4 letter words. Also, once you solve one word successfully, remember to crack the words crossing it. Navigating through the crossword carefully will help you to finish it faster.

5. Check for any small details

Abbreviations, acronyms, foreign words and clues, check every possibility carefully to solve the words in the crosswords rightly. Understanding the hints and clues is the only key to solve your universal crosswords correctly and quickly.

6. Use external resources

Apart from the tips and clues provided by the crossword provider, there are also various external resources that can help you solve your crossword within minutes. You may check dictionaries, the internet, thesaurus, atlas, etc. to find the right answers to the crossword puzzle.
Well, with all these tips and basic tricks explained, hopefully solving your universal crossword puzzle will now be a little less confusing and time-consuming! So, start solving the crossword puzzles with a more confident approach and like an expert crossword solver.