The Cookie Policy

Like all other websites on the web, this site also uses cookies (Small Files) for the purpose of collecting and analysing the availed data on the website, checking the site’s performance and use, apart from showing you user relevant advertising. Learn about cookies in details here, along with some guidelines to control them.

Cookies – What are they?

By definition, A cookie is just a small text content which is stored in the memory of your browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc) in your computer or smartphone. This text content aids the website to retain information of your visits. For your simple understanding, you may consider Cookies as just a text providing memory to the website, which make your future visits to the website easier and more fruitful.

What is the main use of Cookies?

Cookies are mainly used for the following purposes:
1. Analytics – Our website uses Third Party Cookies for helping us better understand our followers and audience, and further analysing the details on the website’s use and performance.
2. Advertising – Cookies in our websites play a key role in making advertising relevant and effective for the audience. These ads keep all and other websites and their services free of charge. Our website ensures that these ads are unobtrusive and safe for you.

Managing all Third Party Advertising Cookies

For a user, it is possible for you to opt out and stop receiving the Personalized Ads by following the below steps:

  • – Google Ads Settings
  • – Please Read Google Advertising Terms
  • Managing Third Party cookies
  • In order to opt out of the StatCounter analytics cookie, go to:
  • – StatCounter Cookie Settings

Managing Cookies in General

Using your browser, you can control the use of cookies. However, turning-off the cookies in the browser settings, will automatically apply to all other websites as well.

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Safari
  3. Mozilla FireFox
  4. Microsoft Edge
  5. Opera
  6. Internet Explorer

Cookies User Agreement

By using our website, you directly agree to the placement and usage of Cookies on your computer or Smartphone. You may however, change the cookie settings whenever you wish as mentioned above. In case we change our cookie policy, we will update and announce the changes on this given page. The last Cookie Policy Notice was updated on – 13 NOV 2018.

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