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  1. 1.Set of compositions
  2. 2.Restaurant boosters, at times?
  3. 3.26 Across manufacturer
  4. 4.Language spoken at Chulalongkorn University
  5. 5.Some golf clubs
  6. 6.Director Roth who's part of Hollywood's "Splat Pack"
  7. 7.Grand ___ National Park
  8. 8.Demand for freedom?
  9. 9.Shot in the dark
  10. 10.Michael who played Danny Noonan in "Caddyshack"
  11. 11.Anatomical bridge sites
  12. 12.Number of square feet in a square yard
  13. 13.Not just any
  14. 14.Swing ___
  15. 15.Folds closed at night
  16. 16.French word after "en" or "avant"
  17. 17.Gold medal-winning sprinter Devers
  18. 18."That blows my mind"
  19. 19.Wide neckwear
  20. 20.Qdoba condiment
  21. 21.Moves forward in life
  22. 22.Pitching standouts
  23. 23.Like Psalms 119, among all chapters in the Bible
  24. 24.Squashes
  25. 25.Table-read participant
  26. 26.German city that's an anagram of 43 Down
  27. 27.Blake who sang a duet with Gwen Stefani on "Nobody but You"
  28. 28.Clad like many a hero
  29. 29.Emergency notifications
  30. 30.Form of antiperspirant
  31. 31.Website whose writers resigned en masse in 2019 after refusing an order from management to "stick to sports"
  32. 32.Predecessor of the iPod
  33. 33.Beloved monster
  34. 34.Screenwriting?
  35. 35.Companion who may snuggle with you while you work from home
  36. 36.Provoked into reacting
  37. 37.Repair, as attire
  38. 38.Rest on
  39. 39.Stacked or dunked treat
  40. 40.Bernhard who founded a brewery in Detroit
  41. 41.Situated near waves
  42. 42.Repulse
  43. 43."I'm an ___! You know, 'Grab your torch and pitchforks!' Doesn't that bother you?" ("Shrek" quote)
  44. 44.At a distance
  45. 45."Class Reunion" writer Jaffe
  46. 46.Eric of "Hanna"
  47. 47.Film with an unoriginal plot
  48. 48.Joe Schmo
  49. 49.Singer whose cover of "If I Had a Hammer" was a hit in 1963
  50. 50.Refuges, in Latin
  51. 51."Spider-Man: No Way Home" actress Tomei
  52. 52.Chopped, as in a forest
  53. 53.1960s Chrysler compact similar in design to the Plymouth Valiant
  54. 54."A Life on Film" author who had a major role in "The Maltese Falcon"
  55. 55.Amtrak express train
  56. 56.Exhaust pipe vapor
  57. 57.Detect
  58. 58.Expand, as a pupil
  59. 59.Makes a wrong move
  60. 60.How music can be burned
  61. 61.Quiet form of "Hey!"
  62. 62.Augustus ___ ("Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" child who falls into a chocolate river)
  63. 63.Disgruntled look
  64. 64.Crustaceans that sound like they could be relatives of rock lobsters
  65. 65.Greek poetry muse
  66. 66.Home of the only rainforest in the U.S. national forest system
  67. 67.First name of rock's Prince of Darkness
  68. 68."Yuh-HUH!"
  69. 69.Analyze, as substances
  70. 70.Source of reedy sounds
  71. 71.Like lye
  72. 72.Like films that don't require a content advisory
  73. 73.Series of different moods
  74. 74.Meredith Baxter's role on "Family Ties"
  75. 75."Credit where due ..."
  76. 76.Magic Valley locale
  77. 77.Exhibits satisfaction
  78. 78.Acted accordingly
  79. 79.Diner cookware item
  80. 80.Trash collection?
  81. 81.Hairdo lasting for several months
  82. 82.Parts of asterisms
  83. 83.Disreputable person
  84. 84.___ apso (bearded dog from Tibet)
  85. 85.LAX approximations
  86. 86."... and stuff"
  87. 87.Ginger ___ (spicy cookie)
  88. 88.Former Manhattan restaurant owned by restaurateur Kaufman
  89. 89.Auto not saved, briefly
  90. 90.Green wall covering
  91. 91.Danish sneaker brand
  92. 92.Fans of a post-hardcore music genre, informally
  93. 93.Butter squares
  94. 94.Has beans, say
  95. 95.Saline sign of sadness
  96. 96.Lesser or greater thing, in a moral quandary
  97. 97.April collection org
  98. 98.Emergency
  99. 99.They may spend hours looking at the Sun
  100. 100.Brand name of the drug methylphenidate

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