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  1. 1.Femurs
  2. 2.Term of office — time to practise once
  3. 3.Cowboy or cattle-herder of Venezuela or Colombia
  4. 4.Sport in which 300 is a perfect score
  5. 5.Industrial processors in plant had nasty pong to start with
  6. 6.The hyacinth ____ is the largest flying parrot species
  7. 7.Pet bird given restraint
  8. 8.Southampton striker who, in 2019, scored the fastest ever Premier League goal
  9. 9.Bawdy oaf for playing in an experimental theatre?
  10. 10.Last of the four songs in As You Like It
  11. 11.Sheath-like form with ring at front
  12. 12.Visibly stretched body part on statues of Buddha
  13. 13.Fifty lines laid out for trade event
  14. 14.____ goods are very cheap and often inferior
  15. 15.A dish of lamb or mutton (originally kid), potatoes, onions, carrots (for some), stock and herbs
  16. 16.Lots of pieces of paper are put in order — handwritten stuff
  17. 17.Of a live stream viewer, watching but not engaging in chat
  18. 18.Knight needing help hugging a female in the water?
  19. 19.A non-owner in whose name a company is registered
  20. 20.The "King of Comedy”, Dean Martin's partner until 1956
  21. 21.Most indecent female has sudden fit of stubbornness
  22. 22.1922 German silent film based on Bram Stoker's Dracula
  23. 23.Get rid of nuisance finally with old-fashioned V-sign?
  24. 24.Rita Moreno appeared in both film versions of this musical
  25. 25.Nigel Hawke rode ____ to Grand National victory in 1991
  26. 26.Horse and duck in Cornish river
  27. 27.1949 novel which begins with the name Mr Jones
  28. 28.Tricked one with old coins
  29. 29.Grievance involving head of shop offering exchange, as before
  30. 30.Singer who originally fronted the Velvet Underground
  31. 31.Put foot down at home, confronting relation without hesitation
  32. 32.Britain's only national park inhabited by all three of our native snakes
  33. 33.Old-fashioned colour not entirely distinctive
  34. 34.The "Windy City” of Illinois
  35. 35.A ____'s white-striped leaves might be seen in student digs
  36. 36.Turbulent couple of years involving China etc?
  37. 37.Legally binding decree issued by the tsarist Russian government
  38. 38.Antarctic explorer who sacrificed himself during the Terra Nova expedition in 1912
  39. 39.Theatrical turns restricted, cut short
  40. 40.Death, judgement, heaven and hell are the Four ____ in eschatology
  41. 41.In music, below the correct pitch
  42. 42.Chemical spray on the wing
  43. 43."Building nests in Fame's great temple, as in ____ the swallows build” (Longfellow, Nuremberg)
  44. 44.Taking place in the morning
  45. 45.Plot needs arsenic dissolved — nothing more
  46. 46.In Australian slang, one who gets drunk on little alcohol
  47. 47.Japanese soup including Chinese-style noodles
  48. 48.Sugar in lemonade's bad, putting off men somehow
  49. 49.Watery edge that would have stone for butterfly
  50. 50.Insurance document sometimes needed to drive abroad
  51. 51.Presses down to make an impression, first to last
  52. 52.A cyclotron particle
  53. 53.More than one person on the box lets a secret out
  54. 54.Actor who played the lead role of Arkady Renko in Gorky Park (1983)
  55. 55.A sort of ridge for mites
  56. 56.The unique Barton Swing Aqueduct crosses this waterway
  57. 57.Top actor has reversal of role as a theatrical device
  58. 58.The lyrics of this 1996 Alanis Morissette single have been seen as contradicting its title
  59. 59.In an anxious manner
  60. 60.Maybe misrepresent the French, following fashion
  61. 61.A live stream is typically stored as a ____ for later viewing (abbreviation)
  62. 62.Like a bird lying down but not quietly
  63. 63.A bridgehead, to a French soldier
  64. 64.One of the Pope's titles
  65. 65.Observation of failure retrospectively limiting one
  66. 66.City which began hosting the Russian Grand Prix in 2014
  67. 67.Predicted what gardener would need picked up?
  68. 68.Tecumseh was a chief of this Algonquian-speaking native American people
  69. 69.The ____ and Tourist Cabins in Missouri was the site of a 1933 gun battle, after which two members of Bonnie and Clyde's gang were captured or fatally wounded
  70. 70.Peer at a dog spraying big erect plant
  71. 71.A member of the House of Lords
  72. 72.Pronounce holy bishop "inferior”
  73. 73.Tottenham Hotspur's home ground until 2017
  74. 74.Legendary Gaelic poet or knight
  75. 75.Publisher is certainly half confused
  76. 76.Warwickshire and England batsman appointed as an England selector in 1992
  77. 77.OAPs regathered outside commercial hotel abroad
  78. 78."When I have nothing to say, ____” (Talking Heads, Psycho Killer)
  79. 79.First Lady of the United States, 2001-2009
  80. 80.Sedan chair broken, no longer in good order?
  81. 81.Angolan movement which fought against Portuguese rule and, later, the Marxist MPLA
  82. 82.Circular frame which keeps fabric taut in embroidery
  83. 83.One of the old-style war missiles heartlessly lined up
  84. 84.Another name for saltpetre