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  1. 1.Fish of the order Anguilliformes
  2. 2.With green light refused and exhausted, cornered as before
  3. 3.Resort formerly promoted as the "suntrap of the south”
  4. 4.Emotion with no notion — perplexed as one is
  5. 5.Colin Dexter, eg, often played this European in little disguise
  6. 6.The ____ are sea stacks at the west end of the Isle of Wight
  7. 7.To work too hard
  8. 8.Enthusiastic about favourite secret of Italians
  9. 9.Baleful master going to agree
  10. 10.Practically essential part of a sentence
  11. 11.Discern dithering in one acting dogged by drudgery?
  12. 12.Former Arsenal midfielder who joined Liverpool in August 2017
  13. 13.A term for fall in local amount of herring causing despondency
  14. 14.Chopper caught by one to quit
  15. 15.Portable free-reed organs
  16. 16.Only one prime number is ____
  17. 17.Bother about squeezing in end of tour? It was spent in Malta
  18. 18.A firearm so named for the process of adding a spiral groove in the barrel
  19. 19.Old ranch transferred insecticide
  20. 20.Max ____ was Kafka's literary executor who disobeyed his instruction to burn his unpublished works
  21. 21.Facetiously, a feigned display of environmental concern
  22. 22.What Anthony Burgess called "the home-made language of the ruled, not the rulers [. . .] demotic poetry emerging in flashes of ironic insight”
  23. 23.Thus little dictionary finally expressed "like bicarb, eg”
  24. 24.Simon Pegg's co-star in such films as Hot Fuzz and Paul
  25. 25.Dissertation about Greek eccentricity to go off at a tangent
  26. 26.Former province of South Africa, now combined with KwaZulu
  27. 27.Sport introduced to the Olympic Games in 1988
  28. 28.In rococo manner stage dispensed with nothing — vainly
  29. 29.A period of (typically) US medical training
  30. 30.Disheartening rattle?
  31. 31.____'s lines in Do They Know It's Christmas began "But say a prayer”
  32. 32.Remarkable people or things
  33. 33.Rub out mobster as enemy to some extent
  34. 34.A nickname of Arizona
  35. 35.Misuse of therapy believed to be hypothetical, but banned in sport by the World Anti-Doping Agency in 2003
  36. 36.Wife facetiously sticks together herald's decorations
  37. 37.The Catholic Liturgy of the Hours is also called Divine ____
  38. 38.Pretentious wartime cafe-owner returned cross
  39. 39.Theatres of ancient Greece and Rome
  40. 40.Organ stop representing the characteristic organ sound
  41. 41.Brilliant and outstanding take for graffiti artist, some say
  42. 42.British artist, grandson of the founder of psychoanalysis
  43. 43.Frequently born into fattening way of doing eggs
  44. 44.Hilarious chap back to front Porthos, Athos, and Aramis, say
  45. 45.Actress who won an Oscar for her role as Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator
  46. 46.Marsupial, roughly the size of a rabbit
  47. 47.Warm spiritual leader welcoming day for female
  48. 48.____ is worth £200 on the usual British Monopoly board
  49. 49.Carve up advantage gaining century
  50. 50.____ Tanaka is a Bond ally in You Only Live Twice
  51. 51.Blunt's black book or similar
  52. 52.Slight forward convergence in car wheels to improve steering and equalize tyre wear
  53. 53.Audacious impertinence is unknown in Scots market
  54. 54.From within aged black jar Hadrian dished these out
  55. 55."People definitely did that in ____ when I was growing up” (Alan Davies on QI, on Romans vomiting to carry on eating)
  56. 56.The 200th UK No 1 single, in 1965
  57. 57.1980s sitcom starring Richard Briers and Penelope Wilton
  58. 58.In debauched way devour leg in binge
  59. 59.Slight American following prom
  60. 60.Grammatical feature of Latin and German
  61. 61.____ plains are created by long-term deposition of sediment by rivers
  62. 62.Pigment of various colours from yellow to brown
  63. 63.Such a telling blow? SOS could be desperate last resort
  64. 64.The sequel to Saturday Night Fever
  65. 65.Like the finger which either is or isn't bit
  66. 66.Comedians for whom Raleigh made a three-man tandem
  67. 67.Infusion made with immature or minimally processed leaves
  68. 68.Cheese carnival where son goes for it
  69. 69.SI unit of electromotive force
  70. 70.Johnson, say, burying old cabinet gives immunity?
  71. 71.____ of Scotland is a clothing company, whose website claims that it coined the term "knitwear”
  72. 72.To date, the only female Prime Minister of France
  73. 73.Sun and Earth circling depresses, as Menenius Agrippa had it
  74. 74.One who specialises in the classification of diseases
  75. 75.UK game show based on the final stage of the Netherlands show Miljoenenjacht
  76. 76.Form of off-road racing which evolved from trials riding
  77. 77.Oatmeal bread roll left out
  78. 78.Infernal place — company dance
  79. 79.Trinidadian winner of the Nobel literature prize in 2001
  80. 80.A witticism
  81. 81.France's trouveur is full of this
  82. 82."These ____s are the principal agents of disembodied but never visible spirits” (Madame Blavatsky, in Isis Unveiled, 1877)
  83. 83.Around Kinross each kind being close to accepted
  84. 84.One authorised to remove property until a debt is paid