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  1. 1.Early sailor deprived of success as a foreign fighter
  2. 2."Numerous are the academic chairs, but rare are wise and noble ____s” (Einstein)
  3. 3.Mischievous and sometimes evil god Norse god
  4. 4.Killing amongst some Londoners?
  5. 5.Another name for cassava
  6. 6.The first golfer to reach $1 million in career earnings on the PGA tour
  7. 7.Het up son in claims for mere trivialities
  8. 8.Gulf on which France and Spain have extensive coastlines
  9. 9.Star checking broad is a blister
  10. 10.Press release released prior to cheer
  11. 11.Esteban ____ will be the reserve driver for Mercedes in 2019
  12. 12.1976 gothic horror novel by Anne Rice
  13. 13.What cobblers do wrt tipping?
  14. 14.Rowdy inn in Treasure Island ultimately abandoned
  15. 15.Small songbird native to heath or scrubland
  16. 16.Virtuoso pianist and composer, student of Beethoven and teacher of Liszt
  17. 17.Australian swimmer who won three gold medals at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing
  18. 18.Warty amphibian of the order Anura
  19. 19.Bring up cold cargo ship whilst offloading first of three
  20. 20.Amongst les légionnaires the fit ran together for 5km or so
  21. 21.Tennis player who won the 1973 men's French Open without dropping a set, the first to do so
  22. 22.Situated between the two branches of the lower jaw
  23. 23.Outdoor swimming pool, named after a beach near Venice
  24. 24.The protagonist of Pride and Prejudice
  25. 25.We sing for old guys
  26. 26.Hungarian conductor long associated with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  27. 27.Having equal "pulling power” of induction
  28. 28.A reading desk
  29. 29.PC controller's title which doesn't distinguish functions
  30. 30.Racing game which has been exclusive to the PlayStation since its launch in 1997
  31. 31.Coloured jeans into which tackle is pushed
  32. 32.Larval amphibian also called a pollywog
  33. 33.Device used to pull two skiers uphill
  34. 34.Actor celebrated (as dead) in a 1979 single by Bauhaus
  35. 35.Is round German on brown jugs?
  36. 36.South coast resort with the oldest seaside pleasure pier in the world, opened in 1814
  37. 37.Gloomily threatening fish is, on reflection, removed
  38. 38.English buff holds tablet up making a fist of the Bard
  39. 39.Creamy paste of clay and water used in pottery
  40. 40.Germany's armed forces of 1935-45
  41. 41.Quebec caught by helluva do covering for hotel visitors there
  42. 42.Of a government, to transfer powers to regional administration
  43. 43.The ability of a vehicle to remain stable, especially when cornering at speed
  44. 44.Married brother getting into feed of drumsticks or similar
  45. 45.University fee: stinging
  46. 46.From Greek, the ruler of a district
  47. 47.1995 sci-fi horror film starring Natasha Henstridge as Sil
  48. 48.Geordie Jack, commonly, reckoned by Dog Star at last
  49. 49.Name given to the stretch of promenade between Blackpool's North and South piers
  50. 50.Actress who portrayed 24 Down
  51. 51.Non-smoker as part of characteristic passage
  52. 52.Earl flogs ranks to the French
  53. 53.Fleetwood Mac's most successful album
  54. 54.Actress who said "Deep down, I'm pretty superficial”
  55. 55.Zero in on Nestor, one in cap
  56. 56.Small lizards noted for their ability to climb
  57. 57.Dare chap to have a prince whirling around in Catalan dance
  58. 58.Accumulated debris in South Africa reveals stone slab
  59. 59."A thought is an idea in ____” (Pythagoras)
  60. 60.UN secretary-general who said "There can be no ‘plan B' because there is no ‘planet B'”
  61. 61.You'll get a bill for this cycle, unfortunately
  62. 62.Antique used before flood
  63. 63.The Labour Party's first parliamentary leader
  64. 64.1965 new wave French film based on the 1962 novel Obsession by Lionel White
  65. 65.River which joins the Tigris at Shatt al-Arab
  66. 66.Birth name of Pope Clement XI, whose ancestors came to Italy from the other side of the Adriatic
  67. 67.Old grave contains record which is comparatively clumsy
  68. 68.____ was hanged for piracy after being assigned to protect British shipping in the Indian Ocean
  69. 69.Yiddish term for non-Jews
  70. 70.A dog collar which tightens when pulled
  71. 71.Your therapy heading away from right units
  72. 72.Resembling an earthworm
  73. 73.Brood over opinion covering demand for disposal unit?
  74. 74.Exam between the School Certificate and GCSE in educational history
  75. 75."A little ____ now and then keeps life from stagnation” (Fanny Burney)
  76. 76.Passed on (information, for example)
  77. 77.Wanting a treat I selected rare cheese
  78. 78.Actor who played Superman in the 1978 film
  79. 79.Dreadful unease on US steamship causes ____?
  80. 80.Harry Potter character whose Patronus is an otter
  81. 81.Structure which carries US Route 101 between San Francisco and Marin County
  82. 82.Old musical instrument, typically with frets and six strings
  83. 83.Refit at sea is never on the table in some quarters
  84. 84.Photocopying process based on a compound's decomposition when exposed to light
  85. 85.Macron's muddle, say, are les hommes on it?
  86. 86.Takeaway's delivered, ergo each can ____
  87. 87.As well as fictional gangsters, Damon ____ wrote about baseball
  88. 88.Actor who said "A good review ... is just another stay of execution”
  89. 89.Kinship behind daughter's flirting
  90. 90.Medical prefix pertaining to resistance to infection or disease
  91. 91.The Tonton Macoutes once terrorised this country
  92. 92.Old Crown tenant again downing gallons