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  1. 1.A Romeo comes back to home — female deprived of male first seen here?
  2. 2.The quality of resonant speech
  3. 3.Thoroughbred who won 12 of 14 races and finished second twice, 1970-1972
  4. 4.Archaically or humorously, "to eat”
  5. 5.After a cold, girl gets spicy cake
  6. 6.Military commander given title of respect — bold, not half!
  7. 7.Wind in plain to the west side of America
  8. 8.A poor man's treasured possession in 2 Samuel 12
  9. 9.The ____ has been won most often by the Montreal Canadiens
  10. 10.Nautical instruction to stop
  11. 11.Stab that could make me leap around
  12. 12.Nemesis of Sherlock Holmes
  13. 13.Poison poisoner finally dumped in a rubbish container
  14. 14.Section of a march, often coinciding with a change of key
  15. 15.Float on incoming waves without a board
  16. 16.A participant in a moot
  17. 17.What's Celt worn when dancing? Small head ornament
  18. 18.1983 horror film with Peter Fonda, Oliver Reed and a large snake
  19. 19.Language isn't common mostly, acceptable to the well-bred?
  20. 20.Trade minister appointed in 1986, whose diaries were serialised on BBC TV in 2004
  21. 21.Formal procedure followed consistently
  22. 22.Modern technology embraced by European Mormon
  23. 23.Thomas ____ wrote The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director
  24. 24.Undermines or overthrows
  25. 25.Old money they shelled out for US property
  26. 26.Medication which reddens the skin
  27. 27.Origin of language said to be in part of the head
  28. 28.Founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company
  29. 29.Fictional footballer ____ Race played for Melchester Rovers
  30. 30.Terrible noises brought by excuse in court
  31. 31.Childlike comic creation of Rowan Atkinson
  32. 32.The fellow's taking leading position for a month
  33. 33.Indian title appended to the name of a married woman
  34. 34.The lowest possible throw at dice
  35. 35.Japanese lord king gives the boot
  36. 36.Euro-partisan turned out to be like an old reptile
  37. 37.Someone born on the northern shore of Lake Victoria
  38. 38.Fast runner in bar fixing things
  39. 39.Farcical interlude of a 16th and 17th-century court entertainment
  40. 40.A German gentleman with inner power in a team is amazing
  41. 41.Brittle fellow who is mad accommodated by society's extremists
  42. 42.____ Olsson, Swedish actress and singer known by just her first name
  43. 43.Hoteliers may have replaced the windows here
  44. 44.The creator of Paddington Bear
  45. 45.Attractive person is too much in hurry
  46. 46.Gene Kelly edges away, rolling over in drink
  47. 47.Motto of the Order of the Garter
  48. 48.Musical in which Barbra Streisand's film debut reprised her Broadway role
  49. 49.Two tanners used to make one ____
  50. 50.Most ready to have a break after end of journey
  51. 51.The second-longest bone in the human body
  52. 52.Steward tolerated him when drunk
  53. 53.A cosmetic soap
  54. 54.Author of the 1918 sex manual Married Love
  55. 55.The Magician of Holst's Planets suite
  56. 56.Palm trees burning from the ground up
  57. 57.Algerian city regarded as the country's trade capital
  58. 58.Besotted characters in the prison
  59. 59.Soprano who said "Some say I have a beautiful voice, some say I have not [. . .] those who don't like it shouldn't come to hear me”
  60. 60.Innovative video game launched in 2007, in which the player-character is promised cake for solving puzzles
  61. 61.This letter is read out in a coffee-house
  62. 62.Name for a list of similar websites, often on a sidebar
  63. 63.Actor who starred as Dr Clayton Forrester in the 1953 film The War of the Worlds
  64. 64.Japanese admiral who planned and directed the December 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor
  65. 65.Quiet one, very old with love for noisy party?
  66. 66.Took note, being excited about minister and duke turning up
  67. 67.The study of moral issues in fields like organ transplantation and genetic engineering
  68. 68.The Sea and the Skylark was written by this poet and Jesuit priest
  69. 69.One digging in spring with skin getting a bit flaked off
  70. 70.Michigan city named after the wives of both its founders, and local stands of oak trees
  71. 71.Japan's not first to get winning scores in judo
  72. 72.Showy behaviour
  73. 73.Author who said "Everything else you grow out of, but you never recover from childhood”
  74. 74.What's all right about article presenting a riddle?
  75. 75.Relating to muscular movement
  76. 76.Young animal in distress overlooked by good person
  77. 77.From 1959-1992, Margaret Thatcher was Conservative MP for ____
  78. 78.Type of apple, small type size, or thing without equal
  79. 79.Boy to go wrong stuffing empty plaything with fabric
  80. 80.Scottish dish the reverse of fresh features in call for help
  81. 81.BBC series about surgery first broadcast in 1958
  82. 82.What's endlessly painful? Don't mention it!
  83. 83.1958 Truman Capote novella, later a film starring Audrey Hepburn
  84. 84.Eggs, any number in store mostly used for making sort of cake