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  1. 1.Spanish ballroom dance
  2. 2.Swedish name for Sweden
  3. 3.Dish believed to be named after Arthur Wellesley
  4. 4.Feudal worker who was bound to the land
  5. 5.US inventor of a type of musical synthesizer
  6. 6.Greek counterpart of the Roman goddess Venus
  7. 7.Largest city in the US state of Washington
  8. 8.Old-fashioned type of boat associated with the Mississippi
  9. 9.German artist whose fine woodcuts include a celebrated depiction of a rhinoceros
  10. 10.TV presenter who founded the charity Childline
  11. 11.1986 fantasy film featuring David Bowie in a lead role
  12. 12.City that functions as Bolivia's seat of government
  13. 13.Any of the four most ancient scriptures in Hinduism
  14. 14.Culinary term meaning "to the tooth” in Italian
  15. 15.- stone, artefact that was the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics
  16. 16.Max -, Formula One world drivers' champion for the past three seasons
  17. 17.Lean cut of meat from the thigh of cattle
  18. 18.Product of the vineyards of western Germany
  19. 19.Former name for a female flight attendant
  20. 20.Location of the Temple of Artemis, one of the ancient wonders of the world
  21. 21.Item of weaponry traditionally made by a fletcher
  22. 22.Professional body for solicitors in England and Wales
  23. 23.Popular uprising of 1381 led by Wat Tyler
  24. 24.British bird with meadow, tree and rock species
  25. 25.Metal bar on the fingerboard of a guitar
  26. 26.- Poe, US author of The Fall of the House of Usher
  27. 27.Canine sidekick of Dennis the Menace
  28. 28.Novelist born Elizabeth Cleghorn Stevenson in 1810