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  1. 1.Nikolai ____ wrote Taras Bulba
  2. 2.Malevolent Persian being against dance
  3. 3.Free of nervous agitation
  4. 4.Cold, then one'll stuff comprehensive antibiotic
  5. 5.The most populous of New York City's five boroughs
  6. 6.Vietnam's capital
  7. 7.A stiff-upper-lip sort giving endless criticism about nowt
  8. 8.Large Pacific Ocean eel, with dark brown circles around most of the iris
  9. 9.Scots jag an item of footwear
  10. 10.2015 David Baldacci novel which introduced detective Amos Decker
  11. 11.____ played Lorna Cole in two of the Lethal Weapon films
  12. 12.Take out cracking bit of lamb with a bone
  13. 13.Collective noun for owls
  14. 14.Open University being for chaps from Jo'burg
  15. 15.____ played away from home, European taken in by randy raver
  16. 16.A brightly coloured tropical freshwater fish, often kept in aquariums
  17. 17.Ghostly
  18. 18.Month for Jews taking time off in old Yemen
  19. 19.Another name for a cataract (optical) condition)
  20. 20.Cartoon girlfriend that delivers eggs
  21. 21.Term for driver in police tactical unit
  22. 22.Another name for Alces alces, which in British English is sometimes called "elk”
  23. 23.Blessed Virgin is foremost in maternal doctrine
  24. 24.Level 42's first appearance on Top of the Pops was with this 1981 single
  25. 25.Balmoral or other stuck into mature woman's guru
  26. 26.Abalone of the Channel Islands
  27. 27.The lord chancellor is keeper of the ____
  28. 28.Weight of one's jugs
  29. 29."I maintain that the phrase, a ‘long poem' is simply a flat ____” (Edgar Allan Poe)
  30. 30.A long-standing producer of oil will video flaring
  31. 31.Stage name of the singer born Anna Mae Bullock
  32. 32.What's in motor? Scotsman's joint! It helps to stay steady
  33. 33.An artist's stand
  34. 34.German on preposterous way of cheek
  35. 35.Obsessive self-centredness
  36. 36.Actor who played Derek Bentley in Let Him Have It
  37. 37.Class of plant: first-rate, umpteen carried out from the east
  38. 38.Canvas canopies often attached to shop fronts or caravans
  39. 39.Garden plant with pink flowers and silver woolly foliage
  40. 40.At home with good butter? Thick, as it was
  41. 41.Path followed by an airborne body under the influence of forces including gravity
  42. 42.Such as keeps lobster fresh in Sri Lanka
  43. 43.A co-star of 10D in the "Ocean's” film franchise
  44. 44.Former makers of bits, spurs and other small metalware (spelling with M)
  45. 45.Unlikely tale lifting the lid on headdress — wow! This is pulled off
  46. 46.District of north London between New Southgate and Woodside Park
  47. 47.Insides of transistor radios left over in Lossiemouth
  48. 48.Scotland's A70 road runs from Edinburgh to ___
  49. 49.The Dying Swan was created for this ballerina
  50. 50.Utter excitedly about joining Royal Engineers
  51. 51.Band whose debut single Go Now was their only No 1 hit
  52. 52.Actor who played Terry Duckworth in Coronation Street
  53. 53.Dear mortal
  54. 54.Who arranges westbound rockets
  55. 55.Clothing chain founded in 1969 by Donald and Doris Fisher
  56. 56.Possibly saloon lawsuit remains
  57. 57.18th-century publication for which Benjamin Franklin adopted a pseudonym
  58. 58.Get money from a small snack
  59. 59.Yank holding power secure in the Act of Union?
  60. 60.Spanish cheese made with ewe's milk
  61. 61.Name used in the US for the Electric Light Orchestra's debut album, as a result of misunderstood phone call records
  62. 62.Spoil mitts being back in strong breeze
  63. 63.US actor who came to prominence as Dr Doug Ross in ER
  64. 64.Young thug is to stand up and will make a break for it
  65. 65.Pen named after its Hungarian designer
  66. 66.Actress nominated for an Oscar for her first film role, Alexandra Feodorovna in Nicholas and Alexandra (1971)
  67. 67.Muck in bin, tie tightly
  68. 68.Type of bridge restricted to pedestrian traffic
  69. 69.Charles de Gaulle, eg, left pressed by publicity
  70. 70.Play thought to be a collaboration between William Shakespeare and George Wilkins
  71. 71.A tiny bit a hustler
  72. 72.The 1392 Statute of ____, limiting papal power in England, was later exploited by Henry VIII, eg against Wolsey
  73. 73.Height of delight about English verse
  74. 74.British reggae band of the 1970s and early 1980s, originally fronted by Ted Dixon
  75. 75.That which, in rugby union, is always worth seven points
  76. 76.This stunner taken aback posed again
  77. 77.Spanish tennis player who won two grand-slam doubles titles with Emilio Sanchez
  78. 78.English winner of the decathlon at the 2006 Commonwealth Games
  79. 79.Fancy the new air? It's virtually colourless
  80. 80.Pregnant, colloquially
  81. 81.Certain swimmer inaptly, we hear, grasps nut for the biggest part
  82. 82.The largest province of South Africa