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  1. 1.Civil War Parliamentarian
  2. 2.Second-most populous city of Denmark
  3. 3.Italian cheese often made with sheep's milk
  4. 4.German playwright whose Ode to Joy was later set to music
  5. 5.Constellation representing a sea monster or whale
  6. 6.Poet who died 200 years ago this week
  7. 7.Lusty hybrid creature associated with Dionysus
  8. 8.Tom -, British three-time world champion diver
  9. 9.Somerset village where one can visit Gough's Cave
  10. 10.Endangered vulture of the Andes and southwest USA
  11. 11.Study of how Earth's crust developed its structure
  12. 12.US name for the Friesian cattle breed
  13. 13.Traditional gift for a 40th wedding anniversary
  14. 14.Oldest university in Scotland
  15. 15.State capital of Wyoming
  16. 16.Insect whose males make a distinctive shrill drone
  17. 17.Gastropod of which Helix is one common genus
  18. 18.Tropical tree with brown podlike fruits
  19. 19.Old Testament father of Isaac and husband of Sarah
  20. 20.First woman to hold the post of UK foreign secretary
  21. 21.Sanskrit text examining the art of love
  22. 22.Anne Brontë's first novel
  23. 23.Pop group that released the appropriately titled album Always & Forever in 1993
  24. 24.Range of jagged peaks, from the Spanish for "saw”
  25. 25.Easternmost of the Operation Overlord beaches
  26. 26.City in which the European Commission is based
  27. 27.Bridge term used for bids in which none of the suits are given special precedence
  28. 28.British chieftain who resisted the Roman invasion
  29. 29.Clarified butter employed in south Asian cookery
  30. 30.Sweeping bend before the home straight at Epsom