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  1. 1.Nickname for Edinburgh
  2. 2.State capital of Tasmania
  3. 3.Headgear to which a horse's bit is fitted
  4. 4.Commonly prescribed anticoagulant drug
  5. 5.Astrological boundary dividing signs of the zodiac
  6. 6.Highly adaptable insect closely related to termites
  7. 7.US name for maize
  8. 8.Grouping of computer networks identified by a single name
  9. 9.Canadian-US rock group that collaborated extensively with Bob Dylan
  10. 10.Parisian hill upon which the Sacre-Coeur stands
  11. 11.Vessels usually conveying oxygenated blood
  12. 12.Debbie -, singer who starred in the 1983 film Videodrome
  13. 13.Writer born Samuel Langhorne Clemens
  14. 14.Australian comic who has hosted the Channel 4 show The Last Leg since 2012
  15. 15.Alternative name for the monkey puzzle tree
  16. 16.Bird such as the coot, moorhen or corncrake
  17. 17.Concert venue on Kensington Gore, London SW7
  18. 18.James -, high-profile MP for Braintree
  19. 19.Letter from -, Radio 4 show that was presented by 25A
  20. 20.Stately home situated between Bakewell and Chesterfield
  21. 21.Christian feast occurring one week before Easter Day
  22. 22.- Cooke, transatlantic journalist (1908-2004)
  23. 23.Herb known for its effect on feline behaviour
  24. 24.Yellowish tropical wood used in furniture-making
  25. 25.Musical instruction to play in a loving or tender manner
  26. 26.- Maria, French-born queen consort of Charles I
  27. 27.Author of Vanity Fair and The Luck of Barry Lyndon
  28. 28.Garment whose name means "waistcoat” in French
  29. 29.Heraldic cross as seen on the flag of Scotland