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  1. 1.Application or device allowing one computer system to run the programs of another
  2. 2.Garden bird whose males have a black cap and red body
  3. 3.US president assassinated by Leon Czolgosz in 1901
  4. 4.Tree with dappled bark, particularly associated with London avenues
  5. 5.Large green cooking apple
  6. 6.Former name of Sri Lanka
  7. 7.1685 candidate for the last battle on English soil
  8. 8.Parasitic evergreen plant
  9. 9.Animal that nests in a hollow or scrape called a form
  10. 10.Early form of photograph
  11. 11.City in which A Streetcar Named Desire is set
  12. 12.Mischievous offspring of Tabitha Twitchit in a tale by Beatrix Potter
  13. 13.Currency unit of Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  14. 14.Actress whose last completed film was The Misfits (1961)
  15. 15.Mammal whose black variety may be known as a panther
  16. 16.Wine produced around the Ebro valley in Spain
  17. 17.Ancient Greek personification of the north wind
  18. 18.Cornish yarg or sage Derby, eg
  19. 19.First woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
  20. 20.Oily substance secreted by glands in the skin
  21. 21.Actor who played the milkman Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof
  22. 22.Greek thinker noted for his Parallel Lives and Moralia
  23. 23.Former motor-racing venue in Surrey, now a museum
  24. 24.International financial institution, founded 1944
  25. 25.Smallest unit with the properties of an element
  26. 26.- Vaughan Williams, The Lark Ascending composer
  27. 27.Irish writer of the comic play She Stoops to Conquer
  28. 28.Type of grasshopper forming destructive swarms
  29. 29.- Crompton, author of the Just William stories
  30. 30.Comic whose father managed Northampton Town FC