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  1. 1.First female tennis player to become world No 1 while representing the Czech Republic, in 2017
  2. 2.Nail in Jock's table?
  3. 3.Author of over 100 suspense/horror novels, his breakthrough being Whispers in 1980
  4. 4.Packaging article in glittery stuff
  5. 5.US electrical retailer which traded as Tandy in the UK
  6. 6.Phantoms perform in a story from the east
  7. 7.____ was originally called Byzantium
  8. 8.Part of this West Indies island is 11km from the coast of Venezuela
  9. 9.Bore keen to be heard
  10. 10.African prince turning up in shortened garment usually worn by women
  11. 11.Former county named after its main river
  12. 12.Something in the pipeline from divine being confronting wickedness
  13. 13.Field glasses
  14. 14.A boisterous laugh
  15. 15.People of mixed heritage in an English county to the west
  16. 16.Soldiers heading for home on Irish monument
  17. 17.DJ and TV presenter who wrote Pies and Prejudice: In search of the North
  18. 18.Politically committed nurse reaching maturity
  19. 19.Three-syllable phrase abbreviated in nine syllables
  20. 20.When listed, usually the first of Santa Claus's reindeer
  21. 21.King at home has duck first as appetiser
  22. 22.Pull up vehicle and embrace
  23. 23.Inflammation of glands, especially lymph nodes
  24. 24.Village in Tolkien's Middle-Earth, the only place where hobbits and men lived side by side
  25. 25.Star Trek: Voyager character portrayed by Garrett Wang
  26. 26.Travelling box one sailor brought into settlement
  27. 27.The youngest winner (at age 29) of a best actor Oscar, for his role in The Pianist
  28. 28.A designer of haute couture
  29. 29.Become enclosed in an abnormal bodily sac
  30. 30.An American illusionist; a Charles Dickens novel
  31. 31.One issuing instruction at random? At random!
  32. 32.Boat artist incorporating hearts in monogram
  33. 33.A Eucharistic offering to God
  34. 34.Having a pH lower than 7
  35. 35.German for "sound”, used by some music theorists as a name for a "chord of nature”
  36. 36.They arranged property deals, settling scores with passion involved
  37. 37.Not in favour of using some imagination
  38. 38.The ____ peninsula is the southernmost part of Greece's mainland
  39. 39.The historic maritime entrance to the Tower of London
  40. 40.Attacks in East Anglian region on fateful day
  41. 41.One wise person's full of energy providing learned introductions
  42. 42.Welsh valleys
  43. 43.The novels by ____were mostly set in her native South Tyneside
  44. 44.Each road comes to Bury (up north!)
  45. 45.Blois is the prefecture of this French department, named after two rivers which cross it
  46. 46.Beer is carried by my ship or train
  47. 47.A house in Italy or Spain
  48. 48.Cleric joined by important lady and little girl for a game
  49. 49.Iconic video game character created by Sega in 1991
  50. 50.Vehicle in snow taken the wrong way — motorway to be avoided
  51. 51."Great drama [. . .] must have dimension and its ____ will take care of itself” (Robertson Davies)
  52. 52.The UK's biggest selling single of 1971
  53. 53.It sounds like father will totter
  54. 54.Prophet without hint of any foot protection
  55. 55.Accessory worn between the elbow and shoulder
  56. 56.Feast cut short after setback around a camp
  57. 57.Penultimate track of the Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé album Barcelona, with John Deacon on bass guitar
  58. 58.Celestial body, from a Greek word meaning "wanderer”
  59. 59.Like some surgeons, precise when handling damaged retina
  60. 60.Local fellow admits blunder that's set up old-style plague
  61. 61.The ____ recalls Bonnie Prince Charlie's flight after the Battle of Culloden
  62. 62.Possibly "bogs”, reader!
  63. 63.Former England manager popularly known as El Tel
  64. 64.Cleansed from terrible sin — looking embarrassed about it
  65. 65.Beer, to an Australian
  66. 66.Africans — any number with weapons around island
  67. 67.Form of Buddhism practised in Myanmar and Thailand
  68. 68."Nothing sedates rationality like large ____ of effortless money” (Warren Buffett)
  69. 69.Fiercely determined
  70. 70.Report of horse in gutter
  71. 71.A golfer will usually use this to escape from a bunker
  72. 72.100 pfennig in the DDR
  73. 73.An enemy aircraft, in Second World War RAF lingo
  74. 74.Arguments thrown back at an opponent
  75. 75.Biological substance — a collection of books has current information
  76. 76.Absolutely drunk, by the sound of it
  77. 77.Narrator and central character of Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson
  78. 78.One of two cells which combine to form a zygote
  79. 79.A Shia religious leader
  80. 80.One-time agricultural king not totally in charge
  81. 81.Attractive part of hospital with decoration
  82. 82.African country formerly called Nyasaland
  83. 83.America's "Beaver State”
  84. 84.Man changing direction finally — the spoke is put in here