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  1. 1.Axes partner overlooking English county
  2. 2.Brothers or sisters, or other relatives
  3. 3.Depressions turbulent in Tunis after vacation
  4. 4.A ____ nose may be the result of a fight
  5. 5.Peter the Great, Benjamin Franklin and Oscar Wilde could have been described as ____
  6. 6.In human beings, an arm
  7. 7.Hard balls reduced runs
  8. 8.Mean types restricting time for flowers
  9. 9.Fungal disease of plants, especially cereals, causing black sooty marks on leaves
  10. 10.From agricultural production, a nickname for Tasmania
  11. 11.Democrat gets welcome up in North American state
  12. 12.Torn skin near the end of a finger
  13. 13.Kind of skirt oddly twee around posterior
  14. 14.In 1975 ____ led the first successful ascent of Everest by a face rather than a ridge
  15. 15.A route for award nominees
  16. 16.Discretion is needed on motorway getting taxis!
  17. 17."‘gh' ____ ‘cough'” begins a creative respelling of "fish” often attributed to George Bernard Shaw
  18. 18.Constant publicity absorbing state bodies
  19. 19.Region along the Nile, between Aswan and Khartoum
  20. 20.Fired up in argument getting dagger
  21. 21.____ won Oscars for his roles in Mystic River and Milk
  22. 22.Weight in India much served up
  23. 23."It's the tobacco that counts” was the slogan for Player's ____
  24. 24.Nausea or runs associated with spidery stuff
  25. 25."Do not waste your time with music that is trite or ____. Life is too short to spend it wandering in the barren Saharas of musical trash” (Sergei Rachmaninov)
  26. 26.Cheapskate brought round guide, one to take you for a ride
  27. 27.A symptom used to identify a disease
  28. 28.Bath's unpleasant smell? Not a word
  29. 29.A pink pig floats above ____ on the cover of the Pink Floyd's album Animals
  30. 30.Sailors to meet Italian topless ladies — with any luck!
  31. 31.Speaking or writing a language, but not very well
  32. 32.Binge drinking in public gets ridicule
  33. 33.A North American name for the 24-hour clock
  34. 34.Spot record sun, nothing less
  35. 35.Storage for cigars or other tobacco
  36. 36.Alexei ____ won all-around gymnastics gold at the Sydney Super Dome in 2000
  37. 37.Get into a queue shortly for an antiseptic
  38. 38.Bjorn Borg's playing style included heavy ____ on both wings
  39. 39.Press Ctrl+Shift+N to get such a window in Google Chrome
  40. 40.Followed meditation working on cast
  41. 41.Joseph ____ built Chatsworth's Emperor Fountain and Conservative Wall (a long greenhouse)
  42. 42.Fuss or commotion
  43. 43.Public disgrace, alas trapping yours truly
  44. 44.The world's oldest rowing race, held annually on the River Thames since 1715
  45. 45.In music, "with spirit”
  46. 46.A lack of red blood cells
  47. 47.Idiot, for example that's in Air defence speared and wounded
  48. 48.Indian board game is one behind chap playing
  49. 49.Tilt
  50. 50.A disguised identification, especially for military purposes or in espionage
  51. 51.TV comedy set in Royston Vasey
  52. 52.Deer is active
  53. 53.Glossing over distant sound
  54. 54.Italian for "witch”, also a brand of herbal liqueur
  55. 55.Tony ____ was England captain until it was known that he had recruited players for Kerry Packer's World Series Cricket
  56. 56.Furious head accepted in religious college
  57. 57.1A reached many ____
  58. 58.Relish pop of recent times
  59. 59.Cadair Idris and Tryfan are mountains located in ____
  60. 60.Patriarch lives with one about to get up
  61. 61.An old name for iron sulphate
  62. 62.Mostly hard to get Revolver
  63. 63.Substance obtained by distilling wood or coal
  64. 64.Lamb made by TV cook needing bit of dill
  65. 65.Book on English party: discuss at length
  66. 66.COM1 or COM2 on a 20th-century PC-compatible computer
  67. 67.Rock cake inside for head of church
  68. 68.To ____ someone's heels is to compete intensely with a slightly superior rival
  69. 69.Catches in practice area
  70. 70.In the shape of a letter S or its Greek equivalent
  71. 71.To some extent, one thrifty European country
  72. 72.At the 1948 Olympics, 25,000 cups of ____ were served to competitors
  73. 73.Surround one arresting cake decoration, not the first one
  74. 74.Calculating the area under a curve in maths
  75. 75.Computer language named after a 19th-century female mathematician
  76. 76.A technical name for a pun
  77. 77.Note Income support racket from before
  78. 78.Plectrum used by guitarists
  79. 79.Voters pick mineral
  80. 80.1979 legal drama film starring Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep
  81. 81.The main language spoken in Tashkent
  82. 82.Mean guy confronting lad in trouble
  83. 83.The first period of the Mesozoic era, in which dinosaurs first appeared
  84. 84.A very cold or reserved manner