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  1. 1.Critically admired band whose albums include The Bends and OK Computer
  2. 2.Most expensive British player in football history
  3. 3.State capital of Nevada
  4. 4.Shellfish served in the French dish coquilles St Jacques
  5. 5.Fabric made from flax
  6. 6.Louis -, trumpeter born in New Orleans in 1901
  7. 7.Technical name for the windpipe
  8. 8.Ancient Egyptian god with the head of a falcon
  9. 9.Large city in Texas
  10. 10.National animal of South Africa
  11. 11.England all-rounder whose 135 not out won an Ashes Test at Headingley last year
  12. 12.19th-century Hungarian pianist and composer
  13. 13.Mythical lover said to have drowned in the Hellespont
  14. 14.French city where the papacy resided during the 1300s
  15. 15.Kent town associated with "disgusted” letter writers
  16. 16.Young animal likened to Christ in the gospels
  17. 17.Material to which the word "vitreous” refers
  18. 18.Equestrian measure of four inches
  19. 19.Small brightly coloured aquarium fish
  20. 20.- Fiennes, only person to have crossed both polar ice caps and climbed Everest
  21. 21.- II, pharaoh also known as Ozymandias
  22. 22.Writer whose only novel was The Picture of Dorian Gray
  23. 23.Family name of several notable Swiss mathematicians
  24. 24.Irish breed of gundog
  25. 25.The -, psychological thriller by Paula Hawkins
  26. 26.Founder of psychoanalysis
  27. 27.Child saint often depicted with a 6A
  28. 28.National Trust property in Wiltshire with a historic landscape garden
  29. 29.Vocal group formed by a trio of Manx brothers
  30. 30.Musical instruction to play at a moderately slow tempo