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  1. 1.England's third smallest city by population
  2. 2.Conceal in shell nut near spinning in hull?
  3. 3.A newspaper, especially one regarded as inferior
  4. 4.Jaguar's boast brushing book aside
  5. 5.Hardened forewings of certain insects, not used to fly
  6. 6.In Peter Pan, Captain Hook's bo'sun
  7. 7.Lead guitarist of Steppenwolf until 1969
  8. 8.Before noon draw a flask
  9. 9.Venice's market district
  10. 10.Virginia left with prayer for stiff escort?
  11. 11.The Golden ____ is the first relic acquired by Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark
  12. 12.Musical instrument seen on TV in cough sweet advertising
  13. 13.Lead character in the Millennium novels of Stieg Larsson
  14. 14.This pitches high — way too magniloquent about plonk
  15. 15.Dense brushwood of the southwestern US
  16. 16.Hidden danger behind changing ends
  17. 17.Third highest mountain in the world
  18. 18.Liberal Party politician who served four terms as prime minister
  19. 19.2007 novel by Khaled Hosseini
  20. 20.Refusing to face facts in resort I risk hotel adding $100
  21. 21.Extremely distressing
  22. 22.Old quack? Wit I am to proscribe cobalt
  23. 23.Star of the 1990 film Cyrano de Bergerac
  24. 24.Eclectic Persian arts grad Auntie cut short
  25. 25.Twisting
  26. 26.Ludicrous false thumbs
  27. 27.Gallon of tea
  28. 28.1987 lead single from the U2 album The Joshua Tree
  29. 29.What's on Dark Side of the Moon is in place of old concert
  30. 30.Monty Python's Piranha brothers were based on the ____ twins
  31. 31.Speak the same lingo as throne and aim to brood no more
  32. 32.Lightly scented perfumes
  33. 33.String up over every other bit of gent's boundary marker?
  34. 34.2010 action comedy film starring Bruce Willis
  35. 35.Gains an advantage over (another person)
  36. 36.Apostle quietly leaving a Roman hall
  37. 37.ITV sci-fi fantasy series starring Joanna Lumley and David McCallum
  38. 38.Dandy lashes purple passages?
  39. 39.. . . a spirit too delicate / To act her ____ and abhorred commands' (The Tempest)
  40. 40.Place (classy) with sound units for some concert-goers
  41. 41.Colonel ____ was created by the cartoonist David Low
  42. 42.Film title shared by Buster Keaton in 1925 and the Marx Brothers in 1940
  43. 43.Sticky substance, or sentimentality
  44. 44.Wash in southern river
  45. 45.Pouches formerly worn on the front of breeches
  46. 46.What Scots farmers avoid is coarse linen
  47. 47.Anne Frank died of this disease
  48. 48.Character spurned by John Willoughby in Sense and Sensibility
  49. 49.Activity which may make use of heddles and treadles
  50. 50.Knitted tea cosy? Possibly this Mexican wrap, yes
  51. 51.Sanctioned
  52. 52.Picking up sledge at last I relax here
  53. 53.Concentrated extract of active constituents
  54. 54.Informally, a French infantryman of the First World War
  55. 55.Rope with noose is up, voice curt term of gratitude
  56. 56.Various early Scottish kings were buried on the island of ____
  57. 57.On its website, the ____ claims to be 'America's longest-standing civil rights organization
  58. 58.Such as you may get in manuscript headed by Edgar?
  59. 59.Former managing director of Homebase and chief executive of WH Smith
  60. 60.Chemical element, atomic number 33
  61. 61.Marine fish of the Labridae family
  62. 62.Sculptured character is reassuringly phat (in part)
  63. 63.Severe protein malnutrition often affecting newly weaned children, most common in equatorial Africa
  64. 64.Lace drink guy pushed forward
  65. 65.London thoroughfare, home to Madame Tussauds
  66. 66.Foil for riposte? It's between sublime and peerless
  67. 67.Old Testament book of 21 verses, mainly about the downfall of Edom
  68. 68.We benefit from trust in being protected by mitre
  69. 69.Hounds wound up starter
  70. 70.A self-replicating software virus
  71. 71.Ham is withdrawn after being tipped
  72. 72.Capital of the former Duchy of Lorraine
  73. 73.Silent about embedded doughboy's kitbag
  74. 74.Second of TS Eliot's Four Quartets
  75. 75.Especially down about rising matadors
  76. 76.____ played Cathy in the 1968 Steve McQueen film Bullitt
  77. 77.Tramp collecting money in dump finds diamond
  78. 78.Short name for a polynucleotide with a relatively small number of nucleotides
  79. 79.Mom looks up movement of commies
  80. 80.Blondie song used in the 1980 film American Gigolo
  81. 81.Icons ducking special procedures
  82. 82.Clarified pig fat
  83. 83.According to a Virgil epic poem, a Trojan ancestor of the Romans
  84. 84.Rich judge accommodates press for charity event
  85. 85.The family of carpet beetles
  86. 86.Howls English held back in ages entering French gents
  87. 87.Sea-shell whose plural can be spelt with an unexpectedly missing 'e
  88. 88.Enjoyment of the landscape is a ____' (David Hockney)