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  1. 1.Uneven contributions from emcee ruin failing club Down Under
  2. 2.Spinner putting pronounced damper on too-good-to-be-true run out
  3. 3.Translation of hoc, say — one making Latin blossom
  4. 4.Short story reflected top barrister's violent struggle in the past
  5. 5.Rosyth's hesitant Romeo sailor in the red trousers
  6. 6.Dung that is a brown colour
  7. 7.Old John's in colourful slip for tri-weekly exercises with large daughter
  8. 8.Took in Perth, Western Australia, returning by steamboat after vacation
  9. 9.Old poet's child's play partially upset playwright aesthetically
  10. 10.Abandoned Jesuit, Irish, travelling west, having acquired a fare from Indonesia
  11. 11.Normal, some claim ultimately, to get it for sex, say
  12. 12.Recess (holy apse) fashioned on unknown pair of pieces linking bones in column
  13. 13.Get pasty and bloomer that's hand-picked for chain in north?
  14. 14.Longed to ditch English after great hosts help to restore places for native tongue
  15. 15.Eastern airline's ruined: their output took a hammering
  16. 16.Old pack: presumably not the only member of rowdy one to show up?
  17. 17.Bore in Glasgow bar reeling off Genesis's number ones
  18. 18.Letter's discriminatory notice once, evoking certain pictures
  19. 19.Employee on croft, perhaps with duck was quick to corner sheep
  20. 20.Big fan of Rick Parfitt & co keeping third son in shelter across pond
  21. 21.Pancake Tuesday's first light snacks mostly filling I'm thinking
  22. 22.That can be raised with minimum of effort in set of stats
  23. 23.Walk in the park and round square that helps malaria sufferers
  24. 24.Hospital area transport turning up at least sixteen miles from Kolkata?
  25. 25.Old explorer spoken of harshly
  26. 26.Mentally ready to have old Englishman immigrant replace university's late guide
  27. 27.Share of nearly all booze pronounced dodgy
  28. 28.For singing in cathedral, maybe, with chapter out of hours