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The Times Specialist - Solution For Crossword Date - 11-November-2018
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The Times Specialist - Solution For Crossword Date - 4-November-2018
  1. 1.Dish with some herbal titbits
  2. 2.The ____ became The Times in 1788
  3. 3.Detestable patient is 'ell to deal with
  4. 4.Dutch theologian whose attempted reforms of Calvinism created the Remonstrant movement
  5. 5.Veteran singer who had a No 1 hit with My Son, My Son
  6. 6.See ham moon in a true drama dreadfully rendered
  7. 7.Mos Eisley's dimly-lit tavern with a jazz band in Star Wars
  8. 8.European beset by ruefulness may offer welcome again
  9. 9.Lodging for the poor, provided by a charity
  10. 10.Old school characters in a group
  11. 11.Black and white diving bird of northern seas
  12. 12.Priest and bishop in Lincoln
  13. 13.The non-existent virus named in an early case of hoax virus warnings, first seen by email in 1994
  14. 14.Haughtiness a playwright is showing in London museum
  15. 15.Bad foot? Bandages may be put round one left twisted
  16. 16.Character in a Dickens short story, who "must have been an offshoot of the Blue Beard family”
  17. 17.Syria's ancient city of ____ was added to Unesco's world heritage in danger list in 2013
  18. 18.Noel Coward play adapted for film as Brief Encounter
  19. 19.Silver in starry decorative feature
  20. 20.Singing cowboy Gene Autry's equine companion
  21. 21.Skill with inner energy brings reward as before
  22. 22.The singer of Che Gelida Manina in Puccini's La Bohème
  23. 23.Small crustacean native to the coast of South Africa
  24. 24."Am dining at Goldini's Restaurant [. . .]. Please ____ and join me there.” (Sherlock Holmes)
  25. 25.In India, European is very much at home — gosh!
  26. 26.In 1926, Gertrude ____ became the sixth person and first woman to swim the Channel
  27. 27.Sort of mug using old recycled clues
  28. 28.Unable to produce new cells, causing defects in organs or tissue
  29. 29.Nursery rhyme possibly about the Scottish general Sir Alexander Leslie
  30. 30.Male head of a household
  31. 31.Trendy soul cheers, embracing husband in African movement
  32. 32.Rider of Mon Mome, 100-1 winner of the 2009 Grand National
  33. 33.Scratch from pussy left embedded
  34. 34.The theory that members of a hierarchy rise to their level of incompetence
  35. 35.The Outer Hebrides are also called "the ____”
  36. 36.Former Dutch coin, one twentieth of a guilder
  37. 37.Silence of one studying the past briefly
  38. 38.Carl ____ is Denmark's best-known composer
  39. 39.Slap down local prisoners returning
  40. 40.Marlon ____ is a Jamaican cricketer who plays for the West Indies in all three international formats
  41. 41.Ian ____'s first novel was The Cement Garden
  42. 42.Wigan-based inventor voiced by Peter Sallis
  43. 43.Stand-up comedian who hosts his own Comedy Roadshow for BBC 1
  44. 44.Article fine, no longer distorted
  45. 45.Actress who played Bond girl Jinx in Die Another Day
  46. 46.State has set up gallery on many sites
  47. 47.Covert military or government activities
  48. 48.Cut in old-fashioned allowance reported
  49. 49.Hard-wearing cotton twill fabric
  50. 50.War galley with three banks of oars
  51. 51.Valuable material, as before, penned by yesteryear's left-winger?
  52. 52.Improvisational comedy show hosted by Clive Anderson
  53. 53.This writer's housed in filthy places endlessly — an impossible situation?
  54. 54.Europe's second-longest river
  55. 55.Observe fast, full of melancholy, as of old
  56. 56.A conjuror
  57. 57.Famous person tackling a politician is able to provide some illumination
  58. 58.A solid component of fat
  59. 59.God has half the angels returning
  60. 60.An isometric saturated hydrocarbon found in motor fuel
  61. 61.Old-style lesson in Latin before
  62. 62.Electronic conversion of printed or written text
  63. 63.The first person meeting the Queen is a Muslim ruler
  64. 64.An upper room in a medieval manor house
  65. 65.The nave of a wheel
  66. 66.Holiday resort between the Ribble and Wyre estuaries
  67. 67.Greek princess who could be calm yet stern
  68. 68.Mountain area in which Grenoble and Chamonix are situated
  69. 69.Body parts that whale has enable swimming
  70. 70.Word and picture puzzles
  71. 71.Muscular terrier, originally bred for blood sports
  72. 72.Type of bridge contract in which the honours are the four aces
  73. 73.English patron saint getting rid of smoking brute finally gets affection
  74. 74.Alter ego used by William Makepeace Thackeray
  75. 75.We hear advantage disappeared north of the border
  76. 76.Italian motorcycle racer known as The Doctor
  77. 77.Macromolecule found in all living cells
  78. 78.The weight carried by a horse in a handicap race
  79. 79.I and others hugging old lover may display old-style passion
  80. 80.Punning; a 2006 film featuring contestants in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
  81. 81.Place for animals — a couple used their teeth, said Spooner
  82. 82.Area of England between the North and South Downs
  83. 83."The ____ is the avenue to the heart” (Voltaire)
  84. 84.Ferdinand ____ was the supreme commander of Allied forces in the First World War
  85. 85.Stage name of Peter Martin, bass guitarist of 1980s soul/funk band Linx
  86. 86.Stalk as one nasty pest going about
  87. 87.Ide is another name for this fish
  88. 88.Boat may be so ancient with its prow missing
  89. 89.Danica ____ is the only woman to win an IndyCar series race
  90. 90.Sound made by covering and uncovering the bell of a brass instrument
  91. 91.Unanswerable question in holy book putting rector off
  92. 92.The ____ coast is a popular tourist destination in Italy
  93. 93.Solitary poet, suffering in letters
  94. 94.The evergreen climber Hedera helix
  95. 95.For whose benefit? cui ____?
  96. 96.Quod facit Amor omnibus?
  97. 97.Dull: eg, non ____ [...] pectora Poeni, Aen. 1.567
  98. 98.How often? Once: quotiens? ____
  99. 99.Militibus gladios scutaque donat: he kits out soldiers
  100. 100.She will have loved (same form as perf. act. subj.)

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