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The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -22-April-2024
The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -21-April-2024
The Times Specialist Crossword Answers -20-April-2024
  1. 1.German phrase meaning "until we see each other again”
  2. 2.Movement or piece played at moderately slow tempo
  3. 3.Japanese dish of vegetables or seafood fried in batter
  4. 4.Geometric feature that measures between zero and 90 degrees
  5. 5.Cigar with both ends cut off square
  6. 6.Bird that dashes across North American desert plains
  7. 7.Plant also known as a bellflower
  8. 8.London borough associated with a 1930s walking dance
  9. 9.US vocalist whose hits include Believe and If I Could Turn Back Time
  10. 10.Epic poem published by Ludovico Ariosto in 1516
  11. 11.Large wooden barrel for holding beer or wine
  12. 12.Currency most recently adopted by Croatia in 2023
  13. 13.1975 Spielberg film featuring the line: "You're gonna need a bigger boat”
  14. 14.Continuous slide between musical notes
  15. 15.John -, Liverpool-born 1991 world snooker champion
  16. 16.Sports car manufacturer based in Stuttgart, Germany
  17. 17.Phil -, most successful left-hander in golf history
  18. 18.Gene -, Oscar-winning actor in Unforgiven and The French Connection
  19. 19.Singer and drummer who found fame alongside her brother Richard
  20. 20.Nickname of Bonnie Prince Charlie
  21. 21.Beagle or saluki, eg
  22. 22.Non-technical name for the cranium
  23. 23.Pilot's compartment
  24. 24.Mild viral infection
  25. 25.Colossal tomb built at Halicarnassus in modern-day Turkey c 350BC
  26. 26.Smooth-skinned fruits developed from peaches
  27. 27.Unit of magnetic flux density
  28. 28.Mendicant monk such as a Dominican or Franciscan

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