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The Times Specialist - Solution For Crossword Date - 13-January-2019
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  1. 1.Month during which the UK celebrates National Poetry Day
  2. 2.Tower that is ruin outside home
  3. 3.Prefix indicating a gland
  4. 4.Message opposing workers' rights in African languages
  5. 5.Percussion instrument with a circular arrangement of zills
  6. 6.Japanese electronics company which produced the first VCR with an on-screen display
  7. 7.1979 Booker Prize winner for Offshore
  8. 8.Flash yellow buttocks briefly appearing
  9. 9.The ____ Jiang river is also known as the Yangtze
  10. 10.A Nazi prison camp for captured enemy officers
  11. 11.Two-legged dragon used in heraldry
  12. 12.We wouldn't like Felix, our bishop, being drunk with ale
  13. 13.Title of a 2006 crime film starring Bruce Willis, in which the last word is not an example of the second
  14. 14.Flower for woman who posed as a prostitute
  15. 15.Old-style cigarette filter, or a cigarette with one
  16. 16."If India is not ____, then India is not India at all” (Atal Bihari Vajpayee)
  17. 17.The illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI, and the subject of scandalous rumour
  18. 18.Fish would be in newspaper, going back
  19. 19.Island west of Mull, best-known for Fingal's Cave
  20. 20.Most clever in examination, copper coming first
  21. 21.No longer feeling passionately connected to
  22. 22.Takes a previously failed examination
  23. 23.Form of deism created by Robespierre, intended to replace Roman Catholicism in France
  24. 24.Following distinctive creed could make one so dull inside
  25. 25.South Korean car manufacturer, its name meaning "modernity”
  26. 26.Stretch out in comfortable chair
  27. 27.Full name of the newspaper currently edited by George Osborne
  28. 28.Co-star of John Travolta in the 1980 film Urban Cowboy
  29. 29.Money for eg petrol, not initially going up
  30. 30.Traditional epithet of the Republic of Venice
  31. 31.A stone circle to the east, last of a series
  32. 32.Jay ____ was a singer with Bucks Fizz
  33. 33.Jellyfish — some did cause stir
  34. 34.Wimbledon arena, which in its current form hosted its first match between Tim Henman and Daniel Nestor in 1997
  35. 35.French phrase of resignation
  36. 36.Artiste, one missing out, gets awards no longer
  37. 37.DC ____ publish The Beano, in which Minnie the Minx appears
  38. 38.This Roman, inclined to probe, being tactile
  39. 39.Home ground of Everton FC
  40. 40.Old judge uses gun to protect house
  41. 41.Self-balancing vehicle invented by Dean Kamen in 2001
  42. 42.To affect or to behave in accordance with
  43. 43.Very small stream is bad, soak being needed outside
  44. 44.Title shared by singles by Amy Winehouse and Rihanna
  45. 45.Mansion by lake, housing for top people at ease
  46. 46.Southernmost city in mainland Britain
  47. 47.Exceptional care needed with user manoeuvring surgical instrument
  48. 48.Vehicle which can carry only one passenger
  49. 49.Ceremony — head getting old is slowing down
  50. 50.The ceremony at which degrees are conferred
  51. 51.Maiden, maybe follower of John, goes over the top?
  52. 52."Brexit secretary” replaced by Stephen Barclay in November 2018
  53. 53.Gladiator's first to go with old-style sword
  54. 54.____ starred in the 2002 film Spider-Man and two sequels
  55. 55.Cadbury chocolate bar which is "charged with glucose”
  56. 56.Contracts for assets traded at an agreed price, to be delivered and paid for later
  57. 57.The French group set about constructing tax booth
  58. 58.Abstract imagery, often in black and white
  59. 59.Mainly scientific BBC2 programme broadcast since 1964
  60. 60.Hungarian Prime Minister who was secretly tried and executed by the Soviets
  61. 61.Little creatures in trunk road restricting vehicle
  62. 62.Sitcom spin-off of Only Fools and Horses, following "Boycie” and his family
  63. 63.Animal, one buried in Meath hill
  64. 64.Jean Todt is the president of this sports governing body
  65. 65.Usual position of Australian rugby union international George Gregan
  66. 66.Finnish work of epic poetry which influenced Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha
  67. 67.Tenner Jean splashed out — for Jan gift here?
  68. 68.A type of rotating jump in figure skating
  69. 69.Pertaining to hopes, when very good and reasonable
  70. 70.A thief, especially an embezzler
  71. 71.Tax usually applied to goods prior to purchase
  72. 72.Scorer of 20 goals for England, and their current captain
  73. 73.Channel with sandy bits regularly spotted
  74. 74.Baroness Herbert, a granddaughter of Edward IV and first cousin of Henry VIII
  75. 75.Lowly worker is evil-doer, not American but English
  76. 76.1974 film starring David Essex, sequel to That'll Be the Day
  77. 77.Irish rock band whose 1996 album 1977 reached number 1
  78. 78.Excellent new oil or mayonnaise
  79. 79.Facility where you may find breakfast, coffee, wine or singles
  80. 80.The likes of Willy Wonka could make Charlie scoot off
  81. 81.Annulment of an agreement or law
  82. 82.Short person losing head admits no shame, according to the Bard
  83. 83.World Heritage Site situated on the Yamuna river in India
  84. 84.Goods bought on ____ may be returned if not satisfactory
  85. 85.Board game to explode?
  86. 86.A tradename for heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  87. 87.Little sign of knight with ruptured spleen
  88. 88.BBC2 programme for the deaf, shown since 1980, now every Wednesday, usually at 8am
  89. 89.Odd spaces for accommodating a hundred and one old chests
  90. 90.A downloadable digital audio recording, often part of a series for which the same name may be used
  91. 91.Black cuckoo of tropical America
  92. 92.Running water interrupting game in Southampton, say
  93. 93.Comic magazine character standing alongside Minnie the Minx in a Dundee statue
  94. 94.Clay gives covering for seed? There's little good in that
  95. 95.You're wrong, not on the right track
  96. 96.In all other respects; "ego ____ laetus hoc uno torqueor”
  97. 97.Exturbare, agere aliquem a patria
  98. 98.A woman scorned? (ppp sperno -ere)
  99. 99.Bees surround 99 peaks
  100. 100.Haud, nullo modo

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