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  1. 1.Mended pliers and another tool to make fake backing
  2. 2.Maintaining advantage, open main push possibly
  3. 3.Flier, ace, associated with this country
  4. 4.Ward for example toured by publicity person, note
  5. 5.Portion, slim, reduced, provided by church
  6. 6.Desert more stormy loch
  7. 7.Name initially used in memoirs wrongly?
  8. 8.Pong from black liquid at bottom of street
  9. 9.Passenger going around with women's credentials everywhere
  10. 10.Abandon Republican trapped by bear
  11. 11.Criticize schedule
  12. 12.One readily deceived a mate? Yes, sadly
  13. 13.Bad idea not bringing in supervisors earlier
  14. 14.Work problem involves very big animal
  15. 15.Senseless idea not alerting new entrants first of all
  16. 16.Fertile academic ringing large one in charge
  17. 17.Society with little money for track
  18. 18.Family member in stage role swallowing nut
  19. 19.Drunk very tiresome at start
  20. 20.10 hear about goal
  21. 21.Lot divided by a fellow's language
  22. 22.Not the best assistant to judge
  23. 23.Claimant legally keeping cloak
  24. 24.Elegant edible plant stops short of old railway
  25. 25.Ultimately elegant Celtic language, neat and concise
  26. 26.Our beginning or our end, Mass excepted?
  27. 27.Press article hidden among manuscripts
  28. 28.We hear school's taken in
  29. 29.Talk about troubled teen - be understood
  30. 30.Cab boss, English, in east supported by club
  31. 31.One might betray characteristic worry, oddly overlooked
  32. 32.Wealth loses its core attraction
  33. 33.Judge is French - that's funny
  34. 34.Pack volunteers representative
  35. 35.You might catch guy here running water in northeast
  36. 36.Mother's vehicle, a thing of beauty?
  37. 37.Stand for artist, endlessly calm
  38. 38.A good place to tie up the Confederate army?
  39. 39.Cricket score, good - a step up!
  40. 40.A hybrid tea said to be a talisman
  41. 41.Where to contest article about North America
  42. 42.Novel devoured by 52 bookworms?
  43. 43.Oregon provided diamonds for opening
  44. 44.He gives up clubs formerly associated with the German
  45. 45.Implore centre attendant a bit
  46. 46.Fixing cold-water pump almost makes toilet drier
  47. 47.Son currently at Southern headland finding wintry scene
  48. 48.Distant cousin cultivating the land near isle
  49. 49.Potentially catalyst, like this US capital
  50. 50.Embarrassed when this writer has fooled around
  51. 51.Run out of good English wood for site with raised beds?
  52. 52.Additional court clip
  53. 53.A case for frail boat not starting in the water
  54. 54.It spins five or nearly ten times