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  1. 1.Dog tooth
  2. 2.Knock or stab
  3. 3.Like a nail, perhaps, not quite dried?
  4. 4.Dessert taking half the weekend, we hear?
  5. 5.Exclude from hotel — I'm in a tent
  6. 6.Hint Celestine somehow is in this country
  7. 7.Doctor comes to a halt
  8. 8.Traveller at table, maybe, having the usual?
  9. 9.Sweet location of T?
  10. 10.New injection I must follow up, turning back tongue
  11. 11.Artful howl breaking through — this to the house?
  12. 12.Look to get popular cut of meat
  13. 13.In city needs bandage perhaps having cut head
  14. 14.Not such a fair job for host
  15. 15.Actors on holiday for film
  16. 16.Graphics files stack up endlessly among pending purchases
  17. 17.Lead lost in amusing play, departs discharged
  18. 18.Some uprising with a turbulent US state
  19. 19.I don't know what to do with the ball!
  20. 20.Elaborately sew Christian up during his fast day
  21. 21.Cop rejecting a tedious occupation
  22. 22.Reported image that clashes!
  23. 23.Unfancied person grounded, unfortunately
  24. 24.Monk having nun (so to speak) — one imprisoned?
  25. 25.Checked both ends of bar were unoccupied
  26. 26.Main sound effects agonising initially
  27. 27.Fabulous design of Lauren
  28. 28.Hydrogen in tiny amount over area where air passes
  29. 29.Cut access to computer, not good
  30. 30.Artist, one inspired by paper and leather, surprisingly
  31. 31.Take too much in benefit, computer error offering a bomb
  32. 32.Jellyfish found in Mediterranean and America
  33. 33.A feature on Cromwell rejected as corny stuff
  34. 34.Fellow and I preserve treatment for the hands
  35. 35.Secret informer has serious love for European in danger
  36. 36.Charlie king next, that's obvious
  37. 37.Fellow I left west of a capital city
  38. 38.Not quite epic bones
  39. 39.Take course of treatment to overcome fit
  40. 40.Client wants costume tailored right
  41. 41.Wizard comic no good
  42. 42.Perhaps fourth best outfit?
  43. 43.Mechanic making a terrific mess
  44. 44.Average — or bad?
  45. 45.Nothing disturbed virile actor
  46. 46.Rings ground, postponing a series of games in turn
  47. 47.Gush when master dances
  48. 48.Bag two legal terms
  49. 49.Doctor pulled up murder victim in slump, one lying over the wheel?
  50. 50.Smirk, as I'm in a sin-free state
  51. 51.European bridge, one over a road
  52. 52.Metal in Cadiz, incinerated
  53. 53.Collecting little stickers from Italy, help with sorting
  54. 54.Call regularly to keep order before old kingdom becomes profitable
  55. 55.Sauce, month old