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  1. 1.Stay with reactionary American while away
  2. 2.Churchyard tree the solver talked of
  3. 3.In nightmare perversely argue with two bishops
  4. 4.Endlessly stylish Greek character
  5. 5.Hard man with practical skills
  6. 6.Paint Hope nursing men brutish at heart
  7. 7.Broadcast is just what bald Cockney needs?
  8. 8.Military policeman in preferred capacity
  9. 9.Beg to get church involved in ballet movement
  10. 10.Without money in Tehran, terribly distressed
  11. 11.Who's head of Mafia family? Legendary old Greek
  12. 12.Fellow doctor supports beloved, a source of sweetness
  13. 13.Buccaneer's reportedly indelicate manner
  14. 14.Old man's attempt to make some dough
  15. 15.Policemen's ball held here?
  16. 16.One reigning over a long period
  17. 17.Disturbing a French kid he produces a nose rag
  18. 18.Theft by the Tories? It's a plot!
  19. 19.Gun manufacturer said to be an honest broker
  20. 20.Deliver poem perhaps about spectacle mentioned in speech
  21. 21.Rebuked in hearing and carried away
  22. 22.Dictator's parentage in dispute
  23. 23.Rule again, suffering spasmodic pain
  24. 24.Catch half-decent fish
  25. 25.Ley lines set out in a confused manner?
  26. 26.Seedy soldiers kept in subject to argument
  27. 27.Loot harbour, causing misery
  28. 28.Back with leader moving east in old Portuguese possession
  29. 29.Austere knight leaves climb in Cairngorms, primarily
  30. 30.Put thus St Mary is a very clever person
  31. 31.What keeps the old folk mobile?
  32. 32.Stupid British artist getting out more?
  33. 33.Rest of university engaged in lie
  34. 34.Grumble when husband gets in hock, perhaps
  35. 35.High-ranking Asian woman say taken in by tramp
  36. 36.Idiosyncratic member of parliament having name for Liberal
  37. 37.Mob must be mad, losing billions
  38. 38.Sort of lynx bishop caught in seagoing vessel
  39. 39.Stories appearing in American anthologies
  40. 40.Spot child eating fly
  41. 41.Amends article skewering coppers
  42. 42.As well-placed models presumably are when sitting?
  43. 43.Secure area of the sea
  44. 44.What snooker player does the wrong way round in bar
  45. 45.Wheeler-dealer's stage performance? Flipping rubbish!
  46. 46.Her sons cut the damaged tree
  47. 47.Restriction on amphetamine usage?
  48. 48.Rum methods wife deployed — don't tell anyone
  49. 49.Person teasing cleric, one leaving Worcs town
  50. 50.Almost panic, getting award for way of cooking
  51. 51.Novelist recalling old church
  52. 52.Book house overlooking ocean
  53. 53.Impulsive Yank soon antes up
  54. 54.Name of third-born registered in Somerset House
  55. 55.Single chap from east embracing old woman
  56. 56.Soldier perhaps catching disease far away