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  1. 1.Section of latrine needing trough emptied
  2. 2.Robot to operate lunar excursion module
  3. 3.Chuck to leave for game
  4. 4.City district with no hotel
  5. 5.Joke: little one
  6. 6.What's regularly taken round in party in Agra?
  7. 7.Animal in hospital, sore unfortunately
  8. 8.Going up a trace
  9. 9.Plant that flowers, ending around the middle of July
  10. 10.Time pedalo moved for young swimmer
  11. 11.Never-worn garment in a state?
  12. 12.Logical system error mostly with unfruitful broken lab gear
  13. 13.Excessive labour seen travelling around North America
  14. 14.Managed, chief position
  15. 15.Lover's letter read out
  16. 16.Lubricated like a spring, but not with carbon
  17. 17.A paper under consideration
  18. 18.Musical — crowning glory perhaps?
  19. 19.Almost killed before warning light is moved with no urgency
  20. 20.Individual copies turned up to evaluate
  21. 21.Sad brown cape changed for fawn
  22. 22.Name this setter over something that comes up again
  23. 23.Unprepared before accepting Times rate
  24. 24.Remaining bits reused, I gathered
  25. 25.Guide round Lima during festival handed out bills
  26. 26.Note wave-riding champ come up again
  27. 27.Grass shoot
  28. 28.Wartime worker with doctor going back into lines
  29. 29.The woman will dismiss flak, perhaps
  30. 30.Talent for finding underground bar for a quick drop
  31. 31.Cleaner back
  32. 32.Nation understanding you
  33. 33.So fine art hewn, if sculpted
  34. 34.African explorer follows latitude line to manoeuvre into bay
  35. 35.More intelligent, a little nephew is erudite
  36. 36.Two letters did you say? Too much
  37. 37.Support for driver re deaths in a crash
  38. 38.Drinks: concerned with price to fill empty cups?
  39. 39.In need of a drink, GP maybe ending in distillery
  40. 40.Going without oxygen, coming round in panic I bore an airhole
  41. 41.Uproar of billions over murdered brother
  42. 42.Good breaking stone in game
  43. 43.Strength of unusual wines
  44. 44.Computer program needs attention to be published
  45. 45.Scholar's leading part in standard assessment task
  46. 46.First in sewing team, one has a thread
  47. 47.Plant herb, so winding around us
  48. 48.Beware over aunt brewing purgative medicine
  49. 49.Bashful around papa over proper form of protection
  50. 50.Name of son, also Yankee
  51. 51.Nearly get wed without ring and symbolic meal
  52. 52.An author's weakness — what might be said about Quentin Crisp hugging queen?
  53. 53.See a nerd performing romantic song
  54. 54.Bring up a small and good girl to drink wine for health?