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  1. 1.Made over five hundred European visits without protesting
  2. 2.Raid nabbing Charlie, a rogue
  3. 3.Trophy competed for once lad's done with rap music
  4. 4.Used folder uniquely when mounting demos
  5. 5.County's brand of football ultimately brought win
  6. 6.Silly place to find MDMA?
  7. 7.Drive to entrance of church with weapon, causing anger
  8. 8.Fuel somewhat undervalued
  9. 9.Account by famous face never-ending, did judge put his foot down?
  10. 10.Warn of English obstructing PR guru
  11. 11.Cut corners in slalom, maybe, having reduced speed
  12. 12.Cunningly led us on: I fancy that's wrong
  13. 13.Inexperienced goalie: one must take care of course
  14. 14.Confirm Aldeburgh about to show chaotic scenes
  15. 15.In clothes worn by archaeologist, but only outside
  16. 16.Posh chap quaffed beer when talking about estate persistently
  17. 17.Trouble with the landlord's offering, I hear
  18. 18.Old governor in whom rested blame
  19. 19.Mate to duck out of duty initially, and degenerate
  20. 20.An insect — specifically, one from the Middle East?
  21. 21.It's impolite to search through notes during home repairs
  22. 22.Charge then drop back, dispersed by this?
  23. 23.Shrub, one found by river
  24. 24.Grand mechanical procedure's what Parisian finds bizarre
  25. 25.Who's ties turned out most gawdy?
  26. 26.Plenty of old strippers endlessly abused, ending in poverty
  27. 27.Counter person's resistance, as I for one recalled
  28. 28.Manage some lines in abridged dictionary
  29. 29.Lap dance blunder
  30. 30.Transported from Cyprus: a hot cross bun ingredient?
  31. 31.Willing female volunteers in experiment, one run by hosts
  32. 32.A large number killed
  33. 33.Upset that key is removed from lock
  34. 34.Land for native tribe in doubt
  35. 35.Takes orders from US agent, returning diamonds
  36. 36.Frenchman's head suitably clad? Or missing something?
  37. 37.Admired one's having nothing to do with a dictator?
  38. 38."Stomach” in local language, capital letter dropped
  39. 39.Triumphant cry of Carmen astride horse?
  40. 40.River where Mississippi is crossing delta
  41. 41.Group that has lately been rolling off our neighbour's tongue?
  42. 42.High-level meeting might end swiftly
  43. 43.Liberals on lookout for a hero in the Great War
  44. 44.Odd being surplus to requirements, as seaman may be
  45. 45.Where Rosemary and Iris may go until bedtime?
  46. 46.Around November, fragments of bud come as a shock?
  47. 47.Sinking spades, kill plants
  48. 48.Swear GI slyly listens in
  49. 49.Nice white girl, observe, with short spear
  50. 50.Two essentials for roasting a dragon?
  51. 51.Keen for us to enter Merchant Navy
  52. 52.European thrilled to upset the champion
  53. 53.I walk on ice, turning you mad
  54. 54.Broadcast nearby, marketing beauty of lake and river
  55. 55.Standard films shown after a light feast
  56. 56.Weight on novelist demanding in the extreme
  57. 57.Cohabiting, as it happens, fashionable
  58. 58.Hold up small bouquet
  59. 59.Versatile player getting drug into GCHQ in a tracksuit, somehow
  60. 60.Son in digs bringing in girl for sport
  61. 61.Slight split appearing beneath middle of floorboards
  62. 62.The stones make alarming sound, putting last couple off
  63. 63.Mountain lake of a height one on foot can handle
  64. 64.Witness, only on kerb, never wholly crossing roundabout?
  65. 65.Lines of WWI troops cut down on the way
  66. 66.Object to being without home: urged to move
  67. 67.This old teacher's home outskirts of Glenties? Potentially
  68. 68.Heavy responsibility embraced by EastEnders star? On the contrary
  69. 69.Perhaps with walkers on street, one should stop motorists
  70. 70.Boy in black tie departs, abandoned
  71. 71.Re-engage, presumably, after finally playing volley?
  72. 72.Emptiness of poet, nothing going right
  73. 73.Here's an idea for cooking with a new wok
  74. 74.A churchwarden's fantasy?
  75. 75.Carry a couple of speakers — it's a question of destination
  76. 76.Spotted best friend bearing down on goal — just tops!
  77. 77.Reserve place for farm animal, regularly taken inside
  78. 78.Rotten Médoc, awfully pretentious
  79. 79.Expose gamble by one forecasting fall of dictator?
  80. 80.One's closing on criminal finally going straight
  81. 81.Old French taxes extended? Or cut at the end
  82. 82.After false bottom for case, and zip?
  83. 83.Party involves one not drinking as previously
  84. 84.Cell entrance confining this writer
  85. 85.Barely make a splash?
  86. 86.Some music track accompanying film on aristocrat
  87. 87.Film about when rugby official's becoming most distant — at three o'clock?
  88. 88.Track card: the PIN's changed