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  1. 1.Finance two aeronautical operations
  2. 2.Consequence of mounts being placed on piping
  3. 3.Use up to ten: aim for reduction, somehow
  4. 4.Cryptic Don, naive fellow from Exeter say
  5. 5.10 up for disorder, but finally case dismissed at the end of the day?
  6. 6.Nonsense about exploding fuel bottle? Hardly!
  7. 7.European PM having a pop at philosophy, briefly
  8. 8.Put up with long day — unpleasant conclusion!
  9. 9.Unknown German eight in luxurious vessel
  10. 10.Get to English class with dead snake?
  11. 11.Husband with somewhat loose garment
  12. 12.Come forth, when expected, by reputation, to retreat
  13. 13.Spear seabird we hear
  14. 14.I'm obliged to avoid capture
  15. 15.Relation jittery lacking a certain vitamin
  16. 16.Swamp ended with tree: crossing hard!
  17. 17.Spoons bent right back
  18. 18.Gathered there's a DVD shortly for release
  19. 19.Academic with crucial job? It's drudgery
  20. 20.Story briefly spread across papers making waves?
  21. 21.Church leaving whisky for highlander?
  22. 22.Hazard guess finally, with some reflecting
  23. 23.Dull reporter saying something cutting?
  24. 24.Police officer seizing horse meat item
  25. 25.Censor page?
  26. 26.Opportunity to profit from art varying wildly
  27. 27.Reveals where son's lifted sack?
  28. 28.Square peg on cross put in wrong
  29. 29.Scooped-out potato — food fit to ingest
  30. 30.Was host of children overheard following me around?
  31. 31.Roll back voluble Franglais speaker's gift?
  32. 32.Cosmetic procedure for legendary friar
  33. 33.Refund: respond to "I'll scratch yours ...” ?
  34. 34.Where lots go, after warning to move about
  35. 35.Old Bill — or what it is now?
  36. 36.Form attachment with 007?
  37. 37.All the same classical things covered by an American writer
  38. 38.Carbon monoxide swamps breathable gases in city
  39. 39.Fare, with third deducted, has people wasting tickets?
  40. 40.Saucy verse a link to the White House?
  41. 41.I craft something witty
  42. 42.Money once raised in late September
  43. 43.With fluorine, no longer having to clean teeth
  44. 44.Complete religious work in Ireland
  45. 45.Royal award back in '91 for rousing chiller
  46. 46.Inca dances led by bird: how did that go down?
  47. 47.It's not so acceptable in top class, book being added to wrong set?
  48. 48.Crazy corner in bike racing? On the contrary
  49. 49.Mafia muscle holds up deadly weapon
  50. 50.Saintly gatekeeper's famous rabbit
  51. 51.Third rate musical for a rocker?
  52. 52.Hoof with heel and toe?
  53. 53.Two letters mentioned extravagance
  54. 54.Descent from unstable pier edge
  55. 55.Behind award for cycling?
  56. 56.Drank excessively up in storeroom
  57. 57.Extract firm replies from the floor, oddly overlooked
  58. 58.As an all-rounder, returning towel, bat, pad and gloves