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  1. 1.Old maid of diminutive size swigging whiskey
  2. 2.Valuable coin found in item of food
  3. 3.Posh sun-hat adapted principally for an idyllic place
  4. 4.Hidden under lots of loose rocks is Edmund
  5. 5.Princes, for example, demanding author's share of profits
  6. 6.King with honour producing garment
  7. 7.German dance craze abandoned by head of major African state?
  8. 8.Avoidance of champ inspired by eastern girl
  9. 9.This girl is hugged by sailor, naturally
  10. 10.Perennial plant not many associated with disease
  11. 11.Arrive with a harvester — and have a terrible fall!
  12. 12.Fantastic eagle in descent
  13. 13.A niece regularly eating fish — and mushroom for example
  14. 14.A second gathering assembled unethically
  15. 15.Swedish physicist's torment, having reduced capital
  16. 16.Crew said something at Chiswick in boat race
  17. 17.Russian port's odd, turning fellow sailors back ultimately
  18. 18.Some frantic person opposing something
  19. 19.Fellow ejected from chapel, the German high-up in congregation
  20. 20.Libertine reluctant to go on a Spanish river
  21. 21.Commotion in place of rest left in the morning
  22. 22.Demanding old flame once treading the boards
  23. 23.Dad has system of paying — such is his family duty
  24. 24.Margaret, a very good type, a right "superperson”
  25. 25.Proper setting for further allotment
  26. 26.Animal fancied occupying the back of your house
  27. 27.The first person a state prosecutor married
  28. 28.Bakery — I'd chat about one of its products maybe
  29. 29.Female spy taking in new peer
  30. 30.Inferior cow girl catches cold
  31. 31.All the changes of a deadly nature
  32. 32.Funny way Guyanese extremists managed to get caught
  33. 33.Abandon doctor, sheltering horse he lost
  34. 34.Chaps who should know what's in store
  35. 35.Part of target, securing free escort
  36. 36.Old way to introduce a popular decree
  37. 37.Sour disposition of US men, prigs being awkward
  38. 38.Control farm animal upset about start of rainstorm
  39. 39.Inclination of a revolutionary head to support homework
  40. 40.German fellow, abstemious type, wearing pair of spectacles
  41. 41.Taking newspaper
  42. 42.Representation of an elf initially said to evoke water nymphs
  43. 43.Family member's containers taken across lake by crew
  44. 44.Declare times in statistical information
  45. 45.Like some of Stravinsky's music — so nice, Callas recollected
  46. 46.Rows with ferocious beasts, not good
  47. 47.Manage to secure superior type of vehicle
  48. 48.Old Italian's endless faith in English jail
  49. 49.Sings about Hampshire
  50. 50.High-flyer in Navy plugging point repeatedly
  51. 51.One going round hospital in pain
  52. 52.Model and artist turned up to make a bit of money