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  1. 1.Large party beat up bouncer dispatched by club
  2. 2.The shape of American defence?
  3. 3.Racket payment from mystified non-competitor you returned
  4. 4.Four pairs of volunteers beset by obsessive behaviour
  5. 5.Mount using clip, closed
  6. 6.A secondary job working in diesel
  7. 7.Source of flour used to make dough?
  8. 8.Unreal level of American reserve
  9. 9.Cry, going with this colour
  10. 10.Bird that's flown as an experiment
  11. 11.Fly back out of Katanga
  12. 12.Fourth rate stuff's bound to appear in US bar
  13. 13.Running around, the rat is a danger
  14. 14.Time-saving tip that's not so hairy?
  15. 15.Work in China shared between us?
  16. 16.Cringe frightfully, suppressing cry of pain, doing this?
  17. 17.Painter stern after spilling a thinner on the ground
  18. 18.Pale daughter's magic accessory
  19. 19.Still clutching your right hand or foot
  20. 20.Dog carrying stick around at home
  21. 21.Powerful drive, with spirit: nineteen more needed for century?
  22. 22.Conditional release of father to attend function
  23. 23.Given further term in high school for dances
  24. 24.Prow's damaged with him?
  25. 25.Don't use snooker aid
  26. 26.State of old limo confused with cab
  27. 27.This young camper's pants nothing but cosy
  28. 28.It's something to run a temperature: no harm moving around outside
  29. 29.Like some cakes set before daughter
  30. 30.Ruin song with a short dance sequence
  31. 31.Concerned with omen, stand down
  32. 32.Oratory in the case of Churchill hard to copy
  33. 33.In Italy, that eastern river is so long!
  34. 34.Grand, upright character in Catholic circles
  35. 35.Swelling, be very angry
  36. 36.Part of winter nasty for bird
  37. 37.Round top of trophy, see revolving article
  38. 38.From part of hospital, bore off set of clothes
  39. 39.Strong, but run over and broken
  40. 40.Love this statue? Turning angry
  41. 41.Change, once, from half marathon, adopting 2000m?
  42. 42.Elite institutions that beast can cross?
  43. 43.One makes a packet in one's field
  44. 44.Burning paper?
  45. 45.Engineering graduate having rung to order
  46. 46.Rain heavily as hunting party turning up
  47. 47.Take off from party chasing old nurse
  48. 48.Sort of group that gets under your skin?
  49. 49.Device containing spring cabbage maybe left around for rabbit to eat
  50. 50.Pulsing laser, top guide at night
  51. 51.Idiot diverted us 100km across Switzerland
  52. 52.Criticise a conurbation for greed
  53. 53.Long-distance traveller from Maine sleeping like a baby?
  54. 54.Panoramic Rome's historic housing something very fine
  55. 55.Below NY apartment, see rook or vulture
  56. 56.Island previously to get motorway round it