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  1. 1.Stirred limeade into dish for viewers
  2. 2.Plant seen in old vessel, round to the left
  3. 3.Scottish officer? A Scot with little hesitation
  4. 4.Mark part of body
  5. 5.Daughter is going to gig with blokes, event ultimately producing upset
  6. 6.Statement of personal ambition to pen lines revealing malice
  7. 7.Bon vivant Elaine periodically eats overly good treat
  8. 8.Short piece specially placed on 'orse — it may ease swelling
  9. 9.What may sound like iron temperament
  10. 10.Pieces my boss receives, and what he may do to them?
  11. 11.A right row or "do”
  12. 12.Prisoners OK for being disciplined, not beyond being controlled
  13. 13.Close shaven, saving face
  14. 14.One in Somerset location left operating sporting event
  15. 15.Draw sketches maybe moving around church
  16. 16.Prompt to follow Conservative Party
  17. 17.Report of triumph over one of two in autumn game
  18. 18.Parts of the leg almost drop a little lower
  19. 19.Time to go to India to find enchantress
  20. 20.Sculptor as one to fashion government offices
  21. 21.Paint with new colour for one such as five?
  22. 22.In America, curse desert going over land
  23. 23.Car plant
  24. 24.Gap outside old city, source of bloody riot
  25. 25.Ring hotline with a strange name
  26. 26.Tears apart the character finally appearing as substitute
  27. 27.Overact as radio geek with modern technology increased?
  28. 28.Fail badly to restrain player — it's shown by this!
  29. 29.Sort of philosopher's province, greeting cant
  30. 30.Cornish tourist in ME upset police force
  31. 31.African swaps volume for book about capital
  32. 32.Computer feature, from being uninitialised, expanded?
  33. 33.A joke about being doddery
  34. 34.Perhaps rasher rightist goes after bonanza on vacation
  35. 35.Dance with zest and love
  36. 36.Abandoning hotel, fiend has smashed dish
  37. 37.Young man's bread from New York, maybe bagel
  38. 38.They have offensive weapons? They must be charged
  39. 39.Fixing a system of wires and cables
  40. 40.Elephantine yell of loose woman losing head
  41. 41.Fighters hurting, climbing at foot of hill
  42. 42.Muse, when given info, probing twitch causing malformation
  43. 43.I'm dismayed', foreign character said
  44. 44.Reptile with label turning yellow
  45. 45.Make fabric so long, but slightly shortened
  46. 46.What's expected — disciple becoming minister
  47. 47.Tell a person off in no uncertain way, but don't remove computer?
  48. 48.Among partners in game had to be bottom
  49. 49.Woman in the course of time to become mean?
  50. 50.Country peasants ultimately embraced by public schoolboy without end
  51. 51.Competitor, not entirely intelligent, ranting
  52. 52.Guy is not a reputable source of news
  53. 53.Busiest afternoon accommodates it? Yes and no!
  54. 54.What's falsely portrayed about Queen brings conflict
  55. 55.Portion of macaroon I left for a round figure?
  56. 56.Sailors taking time to produce cargo?
  57. 57.Engineers facing gales maybe — procedures to start again?
  58. 58.A tot of Islay or Loch Lomond?
  59. 59.Stop gambler somehow losing pounds, ending with nothing
  60. 60.Film about old school is exposing hater of marriage
  61. 61.Course is fixed, containing opposite directions
  62. 62.A bit of the argument intended to be heard in scheduled meeting?
  63. 63.America repeated claims about Russia's leader: they generate much interest
  64. 64.Instrument in a workplace knocked over by travelling dog
  65. 65.Go around in public, ultimately keen to stop criticism
  66. 66.Former English politician (one in a hundred) getting let-off
  67. 67.Admitting case of insubordination, detective has stuck around
  68. 68.Drive takes in famous mount in eastern state
  69. 69.Disagreeable incident when a Parisian worker carrying requests meets head
  70. 70.One digs up wine drunk by e.g. retired politician, mostly
  71. 71.A series of points suggesting one should sign up?
  72. 72.Number joining the woman outside work that no-one would fancy?
  73. 73.English still displaying a stiff upper lip
  74. 74.Violent ma got fierce and suffered badly
  75. 75.Stir with dire men out to create political movement wanting land grab?
  76. 76.Decorative covering hard to remove from Taoist text
  77. 77.Have a bit of time with girls — that's sweet
  78. 78.Actor in America: act's ending with popular love verse
  79. 79.Current offer to absorb phone company inside another
  80. 80.Call a person to allocate belfry duty?
  81. 81.One whose work might result in a fiasco
  82. 82.Entrance in side of vessel I start to climb over
  83. 83.Grumble with the old woman down below
  84. 84.Letter from relative seized by crook and wino
  85. 85.New realisation brings excuse
  86. 86.People in the same school class maybe rose with importance unexpectedly
  87. 87.Set up area to have meal outside
  88. 88.Engineer electing to save energy, having a certain appeal
  89. 89.Drunk this evening? That's not on!
  90. 90.A number whizz about, spinning after regular servings of tequila
  91. 91.Log — wood that can be eaten!
  92. 92.Praise female — second
  93. 93.Play snooker here
  94. 94.Not favouring Eastern jewellery for presents