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  1. 1.Location of pavement, incidentally
  2. 2.What might be used as capital punishment in wood
  3. 3.Nurse brought in a shirt for one who's present
  4. 4.When one's not working on the house, shed put up
  5. 5.Follow time line for trains
  6. 6.Ace in pontoon essential
  7. 7.Full — all holes?
  8. 8.Formal clothes to get a day before important case
  9. 9.Falling down like an idiot, circling right round
  10. 10.US maestro, one carrying a crop?
  11. 11.Attempt outside work, initially in arty garden design
  12. 12.Fight to get sheep onto public transport
  13. 13.Slug sandwiches infiltrating Spanish tapas starters, frantic!
  14. 14.A plank in sea, collected
  15. 15.Chain Japanese dog in filthy place — it's odd that
  16. 16.Supporter tipping out hot drinks
  17. 17.Like a desperate attempt to survive drop
  18. 18.One would be transported by this musical after various dances
  19. 19.More claret — the same served up?
  20. 20.Whatever is peculiar to New York?
  21. 21.Carnivorous plant requiring warmer moisture
  22. 22.Making every effort, son missed out in education
  23. 23.Top cake's back with fewer calories
  24. 24.Trouble in faction expressing sorrow
  25. 25.White as a Welshman?
  26. 26.Borrowing rate one pound a month
  27. 27.Never returning old novel — a year afterwards
  28. 28.Energy coming from exercising quietly
  29. 29.China rabbit's about right
  30. 30.Garment to criticise, notice twists in it
  31. 31.Tomboy in Scottish island lair
  32. 32.Car insurance carried excess?
  33. 33.Steal coin in collecting dish
  34. 34.Strip featuring London university, fully established
  35. 35.After scrap, English point out something loser might raise
  36. 36.Counting number — sixty legs on those?
  37. 37.First performance not entirely good, correct program
  38. 38.Attack Irish resistance in a charity
  39. 39.Bon vivant, Argentine ultimately still missing tango
  40. 40.Inventor has raised fish with upped numbers
  41. 41.Some actress met an American composer
  42. 42.White knight bitter having rescued itinerant earlier
  43. 43.Prisoner wearing hat for work in the field
  44. 44.Channels Iago hopes to manipulate
  45. 45.Make light of gloomy drama
  46. 46.Hiding between the sheets, menace came out
  47. 47.Function without energy and go badly wrong
  48. 48.Turn from the shadows - and cheer up?
  49. 49.Keeper on second team originally unknown
  50. 50.Force man to keep wife in Crawley, say?
  51. 51.Blackcurrant liqueur cut with a substance like cinnamon
  52. 52.Pub rogue beginning to open up a shade
  53. 53.Species present in region of interest
  54. 54.Common tease, darling turning back
  55. 55.Last of four cracks disappear after fix that's cosmetic
  56. 56.Team no world-beaters unfortunately, relegation finally accepted
  57. 57.Bar limiting sailors in cap on drink
  58. 58.Channel for waste a ship put out into river
  59. 59.Separated at least three felines going head to head over nothing
  60. 60.See fabric stuffed in bag
  61. 61.Applying pressure, rough up characters in central Lisbon, finally
  62. 62.Delicate operation adding dash of ginger in my curries, or otherwise
  63. 63.What we must have to get wage — marginal brightness?
  64. 64.Part of horse where hamstrings injected with measure of fluid
  65. 65.One in hotel, say, finally free no more?
  66. 66.Try to win European woman's heart with single flower
  67. 67.Sat with delicate pants — like knickers?
  68. 68.Run with a porky footballer
  69. 69.Do leave church
  70. 70.Rest, as when king's away
  71. 71.Very cold, having unfastened zip
  72. 72.European city where two vessels capsized
  73. 73.Nation everyone can see on borders of Georgia?
  74. 74.Damn rotten, start of mission
  75. 75.Reduced form of fruit waste
  76. 76.Seemingly forever, while stock temporarily unavailable?
  77. 77.Herald quietly agrees to travel around
  78. 78.On a cruise, five of you initially getting on
  79. 79.I regret snatching it back, a huge area of land
  80. 80.When horse is gone, cut round top field
  81. 81.Old actor in series about political extremists
  82. 82.To kill queen, cold tea served up
  83. 83.Travels twice as quickly to use return repeatedly?
  84. 84.Taking portside tack, a gamble for ship
  85. 85.Looking back, I delivered packages perfect for African capital
  86. 86.Sound of one gently stepping in bread and butter
  87. 87.Hanker after going round to listen
  88. 88.A school set up, and support — child taken care of
  89. 89.Car part collected in metropolis, familiarly
  90. 90.Commie figure in vehicle to the left?