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  1. 1.Champion initially inventing stories, tokens of a bygone age
  2. 2.More ghastly ingrained dirt by river across motorway
  3. 3.Tear in manuscript
  4. 4.French composer's communication on opening of rondeau
  5. 5.Past caring ultimately, or eagerly expectant?
  6. 6.Horseman catching a marauder
  7. 7.Sweet that's lovely, though not new
  8. 8.What's-his-name's light adhesive: twelve pence once
  9. 9.Further thought about payment for service
  10. 10.Make a silly person say where were those calories you absorbed?
  11. 11.Hat a chap raised to father
  12. 12.Welshman protecting current source of bottled water
  13. 13.African starling's quick bite concealed by high fence
  14. 14.Fruit with strange lustre
  15. 15.Like an old Greek place to get a soft drink
  16. 16.Choice reportedly taken by photographer?
  17. 17.A male singer having trouble with king's diplomat
  18. 18.Shrub planted among girasole and eryngo
  19. 19.Bomb fragments ruined her plans
  20. 20.Function popular when visiting the Kent area
  21. 21.Supporter of British Royal Academy
  22. 22.Cut loose from a daughter over split
  23. 23.Irishman visiting close relative, heretical legislator
  24. 24.Endless report of revolution in east Alabama
  25. 25.Quite a problem for listeners!
  26. 26.Seven sagas about uncivilised state
  27. 27.Head round city with this writer's place name study
  28. 28.Panic about start of real Brussels outburst
  29. 29.Note about one short bovine leg bone
  30. 30.Bring up lover without hesitation, a large naval officer
  31. 31.Regularly enter an exam: that's most clever
  32. 32.Annoyed worker eating one roll for breakfast
  33. 33.One leaves Moroccan port carrying a bird
  34. 34.Shot some birds around noon? This is macabre!
  35. 35.What warms big building on Broadway initially lacking temperature
  36. 36.A girl is after small steam room
  37. 37.European crazy about cheese
  38. 38.Prepare to engage private music group
  39. 39.Musical performance that's not entirely enchanted
  40. 40.Diplomat having a tough time initially with pain
  41. 41.Beam, having ability to restrain opponent
  42. 42.Little bit of time before event
  43. 43.More pilots flying in London, for instance
  44. 44.Possibly stroke male pigs bishop released on island
  45. 45.One charged over breaking in
  46. 46.Opening location for working film actors
  47. 47.Farmer that may be used to steer?
  48. 48.Crank heading for Western Isle
  49. 49.Unproductive anger follows setter regularly leaving bits out
  50. 50.Responsible news broadcast received in farming land
  51. 51.What may produce staggering pudding wine from Germany
  52. 52.Particular person originally from American location
  53. 53.Estimable person painting piece of furniture
  54. 54.Freeze a lot of what goes into hot curry?