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  1. 1.Actor I run into oddly after short glitch in play
  2. 2.Means of support: concerned with where they come from
  3. 3.Tenacious aim brings disaster
  4. 4.At end of day, covering sign of tiredness
  5. 5.They only have walk-on parts, but they increase the cost
  6. 6.Performer who starts gagging?
  7. 7.Objects to alien ways of thinking
  8. 8.These for clearing rubbish? Writer put back a lot
  9. 9.After manoeuvres I belong in base
  10. 10.No revolutionary dresses in identical shirts
  11. 11.Prepared toast, free sample
  12. 12.One intervenes in disease after singular stupidity
  13. 13.A very up-to-date record about people who ruled Egypt
  14. 14.Sudden impulse to see Italian island church
  15. 15.Raced with vigour round back of course
  16. 16.Fine Irish lad, and what cannibal might make of him?
  17. 17.Unpaid work: Shakespeare's was lost
  18. 18.Consequence of complete change of attitude, giving up salt
  19. 19.One may look through this French town
  20. 20.This denies access always when initially entering the cloud
  21. 21.They represent eleven stages
  22. 22.Bush supporter left, decorated with medal?
  23. 23.Wife in pub used to slim?
  24. 24.A writer succeeded, welcoming all the Muses in range
  25. 25.Member of old empire is an upright type
  26. 26.Vehicle's trail almost going over hill
  27. 27.Bill from popular singer
  28. 28.Arrest using firm pressure
  29. 29.Part of Mexico coast ruined with a British incursion
  30. 30.Page I quickly turned up for attractive pictures
  31. 31.Carry straight on undressing house guest
  32. 32.One poor port returned to
  33. 33.Kilos, for example, in cask
  34. 34.Hothead did reveal being drunk
  35. 35.If brave crashing such a gate?
  36. 36.In no end of bother, compiler is in a rage
  37. 37.Son took meal to fill right up
  38. 38.Overhaul Descartes for one, reversing axiom
  39. 39.Name Australopithecus, for example, one not quite a success
  40. 40.Girl is a wow
  41. 41.The ultimate church promotion, about removing one's identity as it were?
  42. 42.Doctor initially making short order
  43. 43.Made use of, as graffiti-covered wall has been
  44. 44.Quietly greeting character from abroad
  45. 45.In Nine Elms, say, boy drops round sum of money
  46. 46.Very old, I would become unoccupied
  47. 47.Policy changed to invest millions — for such athletes?
  48. 48.In Times, sum up villain
  49. 49.Host exulted, exuding energy
  50. 50.Debonair chap collapses in race
  51. 51.Writer honest about better books on race
  52. 52.Like Shelley's Prometheus in loose-leaf form
  53. 53.Old girl rewriting manual
  54. 54.Got hint to change after dark