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  1. 1.They work with horses, all beasts duke trained?
  2. 2.British king, during parade, finds London landmark
  3. 3.Some following tipster where primary might end
  4. 4.Ring about North Pole's first foreign correspondent?
  5. 5.Branch member
  6. 6.Want to have to remain outside yet heavily involved
  7. 7.Standard rule involving lairs
  8. 8.What may need tightening in the City possibly or leafy suburbia?
  9. 9.Prevailing mood at second ball
  10. 10.Urge golf club to close early
  11. 11.Dish with zip and zing primarily — and flair
  12. 12.Excellent solving!
  13. 13.Start defending learner driver beginning to turn red
  14. 14.A significant volume where mine's sent?
  15. 15.Picture of note with unknown bovine in dry pens
  16. 16.Purpose of first-class motorway
  17. 17.Ignoring individual, sell up afterwards
  18. 18.Generous lager poured out
  19. 19.It may be served on board after that at regular times
  20. 20.I grew worried having swallowed a small insect
  21. 21.Dish and large articles engulfing sink
  22. 22.Unrestrained, a politician during tirade
  23. 23.Eastern city hack houses new family
  24. 24.Person of exceptional intelligence was hard to indoctrinate
  25. 25.Gritty mature lady left in former Arab union
  26. 26.Subject not understood in finished novel?
  27. 27.Anti-aircraft fire moving left, one coming in twice secures disputed territory
  28. 28.Shy obscure Italian returned
  29. 29.On which adult initially and a kid go cheaply abroad?
  30. 30.Fight prisoner on trial
  31. 31.Smarter daughter limits team leader's part of vessel
  32. 32.Pounds carried by Buddhist priest's pack animal
  33. 33.Perhaps cramp lookalike, say, heading west
  34. 34.Mother holding black snake
  35. 35.Underground trapper's a hero hoarding books
  36. 36.Load vehicle then leave
  37. 37.Peter, Len and Walter, swimming, like drysuits
  38. 38.One such as Victoria's fearsome spinner?
  39. 39.Medic with a Soviet limo climbing SW point
  40. 40.Gnarled thing, stout stick in disco
  41. 41.Some bottle-openers in house
  42. 42.To arrange characters in line sort scenery
  43. 43.Left in order to find stronghold
  44. 44.Walk in the park to eat out
  45. 45.Rose achieved at university
  46. 46.Mean thing to have you, daughter and Irish boy keeping tryst regularly
  47. 47.Conceit of English turn
  48. 48.Old female has walked round stern
  49. 49.A teacher upset after husband causes grief
  50. 50.Stronghold originally contained elaborate detail
  51. 51.Yearbook bound by local man, a craftsman
  52. 52.Dear old writers this writer's pursuing