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  1. 1.Sort of share purchase with English girl in rugby team
  2. 2.One making loud calls from severely cold north
  3. 3.Working group go in, after finally halting
  4. 4.Wicked inside where tango gives way to foxtrot
  5. 5.Drops out of academy during a New York October?
  6. 6.Reportedly, more than one can shed or forfeit rank
  7. 7.Lesser characters punishing people in return refuse their food?
  8. 8.Sebastiano in Piedmont town? On the contrary
  9. 9.Privileged pupil engages southern citizen
  10. 10.Society greets secure form of lottery
  11. 11.Scottish town elder, maybe, in France, briefly on a promise
  12. 12.Married woes coming with blessing? That's hopelessly romantic!
  13. 13.Man set to become minister
  14. 14.Beginning to assess bad experience, having time to drink
  15. 15.Petty criminal appearing as the knife is wielded
  16. 16.One's preceded by gracious primate proceeding slowly
  17. 17.Brigadier's outside with private wearing identical belt
  18. 18.Radar signal is small, and as weak
  19. 19.Act wisely: ring new solicitors
  20. 20.Game bird returned to new home
  21. 21.German certainly seen in an unknown Dutch football team
  22. 22.Men in retreat mostly ruined attack
  23. 23.Team in bright blue gets turned over
  24. 24.Frightful egotist we suss out
  25. 25.Wily crook
  26. 26.Where prisoner waits to be flogged for speaking out?
  27. 27.Worked with teeth — appropriate for a rodent
  28. 28.Sort of pan, note, where you'd put cocktail sausage?
  29. 29.Please write down scheme for avoiding partition
  30. 30.Had garden worker put up fences
  31. 31.Clapped out old vehicle, in short one delivered at inopportune time?
  32. 32.Poor serving? Set to clinch game
  33. 33.Chance one day to cut stress
  34. 34.Pantomime as done for daughters at home
  35. 35.Judge almost correct: one would use laser sword
  36. 36.The female expert appearing across commercial channel
  37. 37.College keeping yellow spirit — a litre: far from fresh
  38. 38.Writer knocked back one drink at pub, then second
  39. 39.One's sworn at, very loudly, girls included
  40. 40.Informer stopped by those working for Resistance
  41. 41.Singers turning round unmissable shows
  42. 42.City pub's heading for bar brawl
  43. 43.Changing latest film in our name
  44. 44.Go mad for an alcoholic concoction
  45. 45.Indicate difficulty creating entrance
  46. 46.Jam blind mouse would have liked?
  47. 47.Part of the company's stable? Hardly
  48. 48.Welcome enquiry into way of making jam
  49. 49.US zoo let bear out? How low can you go!
  50. 50.Suggestion husband ignored: discourteous to butt in
  51. 51.Heaven recalled in bible stories
  52. 52.Boy curtailed shout with man entering part of cathedral?
  53. 53.Renowned Irish columns from author having huge influence all round
  54. 54.Possible sixteen year-old getting changed to serve alcohol?
  55. 55.Painting's eradication, sadly, with age
  56. 56.Torch left burnt residue in passage
  57. 57.Reluctance shown by girl taking lead from source in government
  58. 58.Storm involving priest seen with plunder in car
  59. 59.Rules appearing long I revised
  60. 60.Flight software the French put round Polish Conference?
  61. 61.One shut up after battle to impress conference
  62. 62.For food, consume lamb at last in shopping centre
  63. 63.Swell up? Leg near exploded!
  64. 64.Something wet to clear up, sprayed with warm jet
  65. 65.One with an outlet for their criminal aspirations?
  66. 66.Fleet-footed attorney's patch
  67. 67.Row after firm closed
  68. 68.100 and too old for insurance protection
  69. 69.Conflict, depression and division on colony, ultimately
  70. 70.Anything in house for use as guide?
  71. 71.Muscle former singer used to carry spades
  72. 72.Choice reflected your excellent work with animals
  73. 73.Mathematician showing odd parts equalled four, finally
  74. 74.Model not oddly recalled with flowers in paintings
  75. 75.This, invariably lethal, used for starters in fight?
  76. 76.Singer out of A&E — he's at home with us?
  77. 77.Page about supporting education graduate put together in advance
  78. 78.Child meeting the head, one guilty of serious wrongdoing?
  79. 79.See in addition the docked canine
  80. 80.Old Russian's British alias taking in US president
  81. 81.System controls pressure on events at Wimbledon
  82. 82.Gallery's encouragement to investigating officer?
  83. 83.Did career damage (light)
  84. 84.Something from flora — and from fauna recalled in secluded spot
  85. 85.Girl getting round periodical lack of diligence
  86. 86.Barsetshire writer to wallow in drink
  87. 87.Nonplussed when fashion editor goes on rather!
  88. 88.What's very quietly catching Leo racing with artic?