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  1. 1.Critical of media, paper needing to lose content
  2. 2.One location for a start, with beach all round?
  3. 3.Johnny heartlessly pinches hooter, showing a lot of cheek
  4. 4.Bead on fastener for nut
  5. 5.Gathering last of rice, I didn't quite get that grain
  6. 6.Pacific Island right by nice ground
  7. 7.Buy from another company, being courteous to engineer?
  8. 8.Release pressure in loveless marriage
  9. 9.What I said when I pootled off with minimum of pretence?
  10. 10.Empty puzzle, tantalising thing?
  11. 11.Keep speaking with a painter for so long
  12. 12.Inversion of some integral, needlessly elaborate
  13. 13.Shrivelled up thing is in shower
  14. 14.Be a pig — while a stallion?
  15. 15.Like parking stop, which may be on the road
  16. 16.Makeshift construction short in diameter, joiner crossing the drink
  17. 17.North African upland so described?
  18. 18.Keeper, Chelsea's No. 1, raised game before a right back seizes ball
  19. 19.Puck is merely prodded initially
  20. 20.Commotion about one drink Buddhist gets cheap
  21. 21.Officer, low grade failure, shows how to kick horse, say
  22. 22.Grade A is wasted on some students
  23. 23.Personage listless then?
  24. 24.Person clearing the way, announcing emotional islander?
  25. 25.Bones at times are almost breaking
  26. 26.Repeating a little, our dodgy dish
  27. 27.Kind and clever person, not yours truly!
  28. 28.Note ingredient of cheese gets thrown up
  29. 29.Having lost land, Ireland and USA sacked a massive continent
  30. 30.A naval officer says they're infidels
  31. 31.Serve mud pie?
  32. 32.Most ill at ease, I'd see outline of ghost that's shapeshifting
  33. 33.US writer has May the 1st in England
  34. 34.Batting, keeping score up, one could do this to The Ashes
  35. 35.Crunchy food in vessel served with puree of apricots
  36. 36.Welcome them briefly, a couple
  37. 37.Match where both sides may play away?
  38. 38.Recalled pictures perhaps with fungi in ranges of colours
  39. 39.Hitch from eastern parts of city to Park Avenue
  40. 40.Put off ruler, recoiling before something seedy
  41. 41.Formality, warning for drivers in court once
  42. 42.Those perhaps working for a hotel inspector, ties knotted
  43. 43.Before kiss, take off top
  44. 44.Item on executive's desk with a knock-on effect?
  45. 45.Barney's fish on edges of water
  46. 46.Harm with strike on the counter
  47. 47.During Prohibition, wants whiskey in dark pen?
  48. 48.Ride wave ahead of ship
  49. 49.While very cold, I consumed first of daiquiris, mixed
  50. 50.Slap for lacking manners
  51. 51.What angel has, foxy dresses with some style
  52. 52.Perhaps one vaccinating rabbit
  53. 53.Warmer for pig's ears? I'm not interested
  54. 54.Celebrate finding upright character in schedule
  55. 55.Axe that evenly slices possibly crude meat
  56. 56.Worry stone under tooth missing crown
  57. 57.One admits present giver losing heart
  58. 58.By inference, maybe honest trial without dispute
  59. 59.One runs through big road turning, with light run
  60. 60.Surfer — spot one finally coming up in river, briefly
  61. 61.Cloth wrapping metal, rank
  62. 62.Zoroastrian in capital city turning tail
  63. 63.One dealing shadily in big cheeses from the east
  64. 64.Second constant, not first, relating to a bone
  65. 65.Hose perhaps submerged in river?
  66. 66.A better piano with jazz vocalist's singing style
  67. 67.One of Jerome Kern's smouldering looks after this?
  68. 68.Prophet respected, no way ending in gutter
  69. 69.Kicks after stripping off in stormy Baltic? It may tempt surfer
  70. 70.For fun, one chills G&T, welcoming entertainer with precipitation
  71. 71.See good, soft, skin on sausage
  72. 72.Bags of Scottish tenacity rarely evident with Scots first of all
  73. 73.Second note put in score, tremulous
  74. 74.Time when house connects district to old city
  75. 75.Current, cooler clothing article returned in a mess
  76. 76.Someone able to translate emigrant's novel
  77. 77.Protestants against stealing a bread roll, saints
  78. 78.Never interact, only when circulating
  79. 79.What goes from 42nd to 47th by 49, for example
  80. 80.US president is very keen on hugs
  81. 81.At sea, navy stops a lot of corrupt drama
  82. 82.Composer of verse in struggle with broadcaster
  83. 83.Piano parts over before a dramatic work
  84. 84.Dog possesses article, and licks around it with love
  85. 85.Using tongue it is turned over, passing flavour around
  86. 86.Will one dog sound like a cat, maintaining appeal?
  87. 87.Why should I tell you the name of a plant?
  88. 88.So king admitted to self-importance
  89. 89.Lift maintained by bra is extraordinary
  90. 90.Record claiming a steering mechanism is doing little
  91. 91.Area surrounded by six sides seen by many people?
  92. 92.Stop repeating phrase