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  1. 1.Most genuine from the time of leading others
  2. 2.Using a tool to shift support across hole
  3. 3.A source of inspiration intended, say, to provide delight
  4. 4.Mess about before social event or cooperate?
  5. 5.Country became backward, finishing with nothing
  6. 6.BBC missing a release?
  7. 7.Money demanded from Romans — outrageous
  8. 8.Go mad in hospital department building in need of oxygen
  9. 9.Dip huge — right to replace knight
  10. 10.After return call American friend
  11. 11.One with negative response wins against a second person, right?
  12. 12.A number of men giving voice in concert
  13. 13.Some wrap articles separately
  14. 14.Inclined to be mendacious
  15. 15.Nice meal pet ruined that's near fireplace
  16. 16.Mostly professional gang in pre-flood operation?
  17. 17.Dessert maybe, something to chew on top performer's tucked into
  18. 18.Put out pole with end disappearing in river
  19. 19.Social gathering's ale unfinished
  20. 20.A ceremony rendered by speaker correctly
  21. 21.Needs to be casual in speech
  22. 22.Vegetable lorry OK, the man accepts
  23. 23.Material in bathroom in short supply?
  24. 24.Top man in his field, perhaps, spouting?
  25. 25.Bed rich mama newly made — this lady's job?
  26. 26.A rescue organised outside very quiet capital
  27. 27.Crowd in store by the sound of it
  28. 28.Abandoned political grouping
  29. 29.Gentleman with power rising in authentic act of revenge
  30. 30.Inadequate side dish
  31. 31.Chart married secretary brought back
  32. 32.Covers food in tin with ordinary salt
  33. 33.Special gear enthusiast brought to plant, having crossed yard
  34. 34.Revealed to be away
  35. 35.Plan in relation to Channel Islands gym
  36. 36.A weird roofless home for bird in US
  37. 37.Member of clergy's partly indirect ordination
  38. 38.Church Republican, first fellow believer
  39. 39.One of Caesar's last words, the beast!
  40. 40.Lorries in boring county
  41. 41.Payment for insurance before parent's going around India
  42. 42.Royal house near castle mostly dilapidated
  43. 43.Explosive tape shows workplace with poor conditions
  44. 44.Most wise and godly person having a long time inside
  45. 45.Fearless British getting on
  46. 46.Stout knocked back with cheese? That's the stuff!
  47. 47.First of all, looking up, is greeting Italian — this one?
  48. 48.Representatives providing instruction to get rid of barriers
  49. 49.Mountains in pictures, miles away
  50. 50.Throw out rogue initially seen in storehouse
  51. 51.Cuts of meat go bad aboard ship
  52. 52.To roar out? That could suit me
  53. 53.Be candidate, popular, as deputy
  54. 54.Cold girl getting degree, the heartless student you study with
  55. 55.Theatre the French note is full
  56. 56.Discourteous old worker squashing females
  57. 57.Ending in jail, I am afraid of getting no answer — am I there for ever?
  58. 58.City adventure, ignoring odds — love it!