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  1. 1.Uniform on lad good for religious service
  2. 2.Filled with spirit, steed periodically follows groups of lawmen
  3. 3.New, doubly trendy, absorbing record? One's bowled over
  4. 4.Very cold, heron-like bird emitting note
  5. 5.Part of car seat salesperson lifted
  6. 6.Both sides in Highbury perhaps useful
  7. 7.Understood Sun altered useless articles by newsman
  8. 8.More bananas in dish consumed by ladies, say, and queen
  9. 9.Business admits a transgression — gambling's prevalent here
  10. 10.Truss neck with something worn around it, at first
  11. 11.Possibly corny item to advertise swimmer's aid
  12. 12.Returning in Cadillac: a placid South American creature
  13. 13.Deliveries left for one on periods without work
  14. 14.Famous school event's outside, happening
  15. 15.Upon retirement, received a one-piece garment
  16. 16.Not quite clean cut or appropriate
  17. 17.Stocks cushion wife dismissed on line
  18. 18.Rank administered by police force
  19. 19.Grating, 50 per cent heavy metal, released smoke
  20. 20.Travelling with pastry case, about to go
  21. 21.Jack prepared mainly orange seasoning
  22. 22.Character on keyboard deviously tries to put in request
  23. 23.Decoration for the head of diminutive fellow?
  24. 24.Winning over Spain is painless: centre for training is lacking
  25. 25.British backing also affected military training centre
  26. 26.Came up with Al incorrectly — it's my fault
  27. 27.Sports vehicle tours in escapade
  28. 28.Lack means to skin a certain bird, according to Spooner
  29. 29.Top wine, one thousand pounds, rowing team picked up
  30. 30.Expend great effort and time on painting
  31. 31.Fool previously grasping an element of poetry
  32. 32.Measuring device worker tracks sometime in autumn?
  33. 33.Undressed escort irrational round certain stars
  34. 34.Threesome finally toast with port
  35. 35.Greedy guts swallowing last of bacon on soggy ground bread once
  36. 36.Slovenly cricket fielder, Henry, covered in some turf
  37. 37.Dispatching right goods sold abroad for displays
  38. 38.Lean jockeys in lead, with food intake making body shapely
  39. 39.Method of cooking father and friend reinvented
  40. 40.Make invalid endlessly fill unwieldy bags up
  41. 41.Great pianist listened to record
  42. 42.Levy on one vehicle
  43. 43.English painter captures revelry occasionally
  44. 44.Hurry to succeed, lacking patience
  45. 45.Boost position entering sports competition
  46. 46.Assist Cockney when round US city
  47. 47.Party during time off jobs in bank, say
  48. 48.Is it therefore African country close to Ethiopia?
  49. 49.Leave out distinguished medal, Italian
  50. 50.Sack a former partner wanting a rise
  51. 51.In Latin, maybe I learn afresh without hesitation
  52. 52.Traveller has fling in Greece, disheartened by a bit of a pig
  53. 53.Chaps coming across to assist racehorse without a win