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  1. 1.Oh, endless joy to behold with desire
  2. 2.Lessens force: everything's to follow
  3. 3.Fury evident in one note
  4. 4.Protective one's maintaining alternative line
  5. 5.Bebop's insiders interrupting one of Stones, who are troublemakers
  6. 6.New lambs go for frolics
  7. 7.Perhaps Klein bottle volume with positive sign?
  8. 8.Ingredient in plaster put over spot in face
  9. 9.Longs to regularly display options: easy!
  10. 10.Mum more properly binds leg for one in the long run
  11. 11.Hemmed in by strangers, I complain so!
  12. 12.Lass, married, murdered brother
  13. 13.No tension in parishioners clutching cross
  14. 14.Particular church rings Stepney's boundaries
  15. 15.Assess, briefly, maths problem at college
  16. 16.Harassed clients obtaining design template
  17. 17.Light support of container in case carried by Richard
  18. 18.Digs away from hills?
  19. 19.Teacher after wine and ginger
  20. 20.Reflection of petrifying monster would show no such spirit
  21. 21.Laurel, maybe with daughter's bears
  22. 22.Maximally delay start of demonstration to shout from here?
  23. 23.Hopeless clue Idris mocks
  24. 24.Innumerable other ranks including private following uniform
  25. 25.Be present when old police company returns
  26. 26.Of operations, precise as military ones
  27. 27.We'll drive, finally, over a meadow
  28. 28.Mutilate man's title from edition being recalled
  29. 29.Inscrutability of the writer's pen, capturing queen
  30. 30.Strange sins or original one
  31. 31.Went up and down with two Yankees carrying old dictionary
  32. 32.For an audience, musical collection bore a small organ
  33. 33.Having it covered in meat sauce is something serious!
  34. 34.Wild sea coast gripping one's companion
  35. 35.Temporary odds, absorbing for golfers?
  36. 36.Settle amount in empty beer glass?
  37. 37.Letters beginning each numbered clue offer Des's excuse, duly disguised
  38. 38.Low-key coronation may be so rude
  39. 39.It'd be out of place in crab menu
  40. 40.Implied meaning of chaos, with time
  41. 41.Maybe use too few items plucked from cushion or bolster
  42. 42.Seen in context, remedy is immoderate
  43. 43.Scrap book, fashionable
  44. 44.Meeting of clergy into heresy, no doubt
  45. 45.A child — count some 23?
  46. 46.Burning meat few, in short, can eat
  47. 47.Ladle disturbed red pip
  48. 48.Oil rig labourer to supplant sailor in rabble
  49. 49.Not quite saying what'll reduce cholesterol
  50. 50.As a beggar maybe, better to get home help
  51. 51.Time lost to abacus at last in turning beads
  52. 52.Hospital department with frozen treats is alluring!
  53. 53.Fire survivor's tool ultimately seen in photos
  54. 54.Vacant kasbah toured by British spies and worshippers
  55. 55.Incisor's coating of enamel seen on outside of head
  56. 56.Inside bag, heroin for cabin
  57. 57.More than one older lamb chop lasagne's crust's not kept well
  58. 58.Vehicle's uncontrolled movements: search follows