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  1. 1.Sodium and potassium — deadly mixture — in plant
  2. 2.Russian spirit very old duke and king admired, initially
  3. 3.Punch with a couple of slices of bread?
  4. 4.Heightened pressure sadly set back Swedish university
  5. 5.Raise back
  6. 6.A saver by nature, gentleman shortly arrives at bank
  7. 7.Blimp maybe one caught by wind condition
  8. 8.Moving out in it, teaching
  9. 9.Lavish kisses somewhat revolting, they believe
  10. 10.Stage favourites returned
  11. 11.Amusing nobleman backed Liberal
  12. 12.What keeps drawing animal home
  13. 13.Door fastener in confessional at church
  14. 14.Lock head of state away after uprising
  15. 15.Place in Leicestershire, town memorably redeveloped
  16. 16.Possibly using medium of culture noire, short ITV broadcast
  17. 17.One advancing with month remaining
  18. 18.The French island certainly offers relaxation
  19. 19.Respond concerning part of play
  20. 20.Sort of water supply perhaps not encountered before near delta
  21. 21.Peace protester and politician allowed in bed together
  22. 22.Display shabby articles also
  23. 23.Send off wine wanted by eccentric person
  24. 24.Woman chasing my large dog back in Irish town
  25. 25.Big Eddy's cautious, beady eyes (listening to me)
  26. 26.Student needing job that pays after end of school
  27. 27.Own a section of Fifth Avenue
  28. 28.Beds, for example, or large, heavy drawer
  29. 29.Striker minded playing for a Worcestershire town
  30. 30.Prize presented to aforementioned boy with a bow
  31. 31.Instrument's one needed earlier during part of flight
  32. 32.Instrument that's blown with lips to make glasses
  33. 33.European pays to listen to solicitor brood
  34. 34.Recalled letter by queen and one by king bearing fruit
  35. 35.Diagram that should appeal to Desperate Dan!
  36. 36.Miler at it, for a change?
  37. 37.Ben follows drunk sailor, but not literally
  38. 38.Money in this, tied up, reportedly
  39. 39.Paintings have captured a horse race on island
  40. 40.Love, as it happens, a stoned fruit
  41. 41.One's played Shakespearean heroine mostly at home
  42. 42.Enrage local feeling with speech
  43. 43.Little one originally trained in technology can't handle
  44. 44.Involve oneself enthusiastically with one entering Red Sea port
  45. 45.What Meg and Doug do in close?
  46. 46.Bound to be fired after penning note
  47. 47.The latest thing? Fashionable aim of an eccentric
  48. 48.Look on ship for make-up item
  49. 49.Had in mind low time
  50. 50.Females opening have to cut mistakes
  51. 51.Being considered in case daughter must tap into reserve energy
  52. 52.Place to rest close to home
  53. 53.Sets kilt out for game
  54. 54.Issue of spouse of Liberal visiting rebuked: should have rung earlier
  55. 55.Climber in a fix on the ascent
  56. 56.Lacking in confidence, not very bright Italian turned up