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  1. 1.Twice a year new driver sets out for historic part of Italy
  2. 2.Encountered feathers around Lake, indication of disaster
  3. 3.Harm horse, docking tail
  4. 4.Party with its share of famous guests?
  5. 5.Diversion vital, it's impressed on PC
  6. 6.Chaps upset, caught in a single bloomer
  7. 7.Perhaps some tests, etc, especially for handling strain
  8. 8.Roll is getting dry on the outside: I'd recommend dunking
  9. 9.Staff touring area wrong to limit good advice to motorists
  10. 10.Finally wave bye bye and go out
  11. 11.Stripper removing the last item: where it could happen, legally?
  12. 12.Competent brewer initially brought in beer
  13. 13.Little brother wanted a cousin to show up
  14. 14.Play Pole out of position with English amateurs
  15. 15.Success, declining a drink with tonic
  16. 16.Learning well, horse breeder promises to pay
  17. 17.Is foolish to finish with Times publication
  18. 18.Passed round Kansas
  19. 19.Ban cheers and a more hostile expression
  20. 20.Spaniard maybe in East London semi, soon to move
  21. 21.Supporters surrounding Rolls Royce in search
  22. 22.Irish town you might have been in first? Oddly, no
  23. 23.Left-wing teacher, one with ginger hair
  24. 24.Stick with short answer: you could be in the doghouse there?
  25. 25.Following a religion, entirely on the radio
  26. 26.Bombed, if ordered up initially to attack
  27. 27.Seductive woman with a teasing desire
  28. 28.Close, around lunchtime, small joint
  29. 29.Game of golf a rep organised
  30. 30.Manage to get on part of bed
  31. 31.I almost stop probing firewood delivery arrangements
  32. 32.Spelling system that uses first half dozen letters
  33. 33.Left excellent, decorative fabric
  34. 34.Attract topless lady, ultimately vain
  35. 35.Clock and TV close to mantelpiece? Indeed possible
  36. 36.Put up fare
  37. 37.Speed last of dinner gets consumed
  38. 38.Like a lavish meal, but with no starter to relish
  39. 39.Work out? People who do this probably won't!
  40. 40.Records office, say, is to attempt tracking source of records
  41. 41.Gather fight is what Bunter was always going to?
  42. 42."Grand total to decrease?” they report sensationally
  43. 43.Record article you haven't normally got a clue about
  44. 44.Horribly evil!
  45. 45.Religious congregation highly impatient after failing to be heard
  46. 46.Passes round Kansas
  47. 47.Eyeshade? Guest has dropped it
  48. 48.Contaminate fin, etc, when swimming
  49. 49.Two posh male guards deliver something metallic
  50. 50.The French department giving a few extra marks
  51. 51.Criminal, say, heads for priest, really intending to enter religious group
  52. 52.Totter backwards, avoiding a married uncle or brother
  53. 53.Assortment: possibly it's cheap
  54. 54.Carrying an unpleasant smell, another's banned from table tennis
  55. 55.Fragrant stuff in Italian river upset our trip
  56. 56.Female at the time needing to lose weight
  57. 57.Cricketer first for honours in Somerset city
  58. 58.Frustrating, with grant having been adjusted
  59. 59.Fed up about bride forgetting day, ask for details of service?