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  1. 1.They favour youth, eg, as it's fantastic!
  2. 2.Singular fruit with perfect flavour
  3. 3.Closely follow tailless mammoth
  4. 4.Did mass, that's also understood
  5. 5.Famed LSD guru, smuggling in dope, died
  6. 6.Who'd make good sort of theatre publicist?
  7. 7.Tiny child with a large sum
  8. 8.Lack of sympathy for defective state of Old Testament?
  9. 9.Plough through a translation from Latin
  10. 10.College inventor making contribution to security
  11. 11.Manuscript found on lectern in Oxford, originally
  12. 12.Sloth scattered linseeds
  13. 13.Aim to get fit, being wise
  14. 14.Discordant noises after start of Society meeting
  15. 15.Man from south, newly relocated
  16. 16.Frank does cutting-edge work ahead of time
  17. 17.American spies graduate teetotaller with a long Italian loaf
  18. 18.Ships one by one leaving Spithead for short time
  19. 19.Unemployed CID officers meeting American press chief
  20. 20.Paris excited about greeting high-flier
  21. 21.A change in store at sea?
  22. 22.Ghostly European appearing by lake
  23. 23.Thrust forward, storming redoubt
  24. 24.Type of crime where Jacob keeps account?
  25. 25.Tailless furry creature seen in colonnade
  26. 26.No turning back: determined to make start
  27. 27.Son nudges mum, seen by new representative
  28. 28.Pious figure clothed in most suitable room?
  29. 29.Large amount of water studied, we hear, hit the roof?
  30. 30.Not entirely honest, eg grabbing savings
  31. 31.Sailor, Yankee with girl climbing on the bed?
  32. 32.Loveless coupling made in the dark
  33. 33.Hitchcock film in three equal parts about English bishop
  34. 34.Heard in dispute: what calls for blessing?
  35. 35.Set pulsating disc on first audio device
  36. 36.Conclusion to clash, indeed, that's cut and dried!
  37. 37.Twelve numbers, back to back
  38. 38.Radical English newspaper involved in deception
  39. 39.Tissue a certain Frenchman chucked into grave
  40. 40.Back in Dolgellau, Susannah's no different from normal
  41. 41.Peter on tree overlooking river's very secure
  42. 42.Black separatists initially forming gang
  43. 43.Shrewd copper taking tips from trainee
  44. 44.EU right to upset firm
  45. 45.Bad joints reported by those writing regularly?
  46. 46.Polish end of button in blue
  47. 47.WW2 ace crossing loch finds God
  48. 48.Very tired to start with, one usually sloshed
  49. 49.Tenant going round back of house to get in again
  50. 50.Leading character in 21 can do what it does remotely
  51. 51.What might be wide court passage
  52. 52.Philosophy old yogi developed around energy
  53. 53.Teams up every so often to produce large flyer? No!
  54. 54.Plant detective, getting smart
  55. 55.Trading hub located in centre potentially
  56. 56.Directed to consume whiskey? That's obscene!