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  1. 1.Ironical trait is unfortunately inconsistent with logic
  2. 2.Orioles regularly abandoned eggs
  3. 3.Incredibly sour lemon mixed with last bit of honey
  4. 4.Clock, perhaps, to send back
  5. 5.Prompt takes against Antigone's part
  6. 6.Suffer in pain, curiously
  7. 7.Lives around northern Dutch river
  8. 8.Hotel ditched by very fine travel company
  9. 9.Second Mrs Grundy's young man?
  10. 10.Rebuke harshly as fish in back of truck spoils
  11. 11.Venture to break in with force
  12. 12.Mounting or going down
  13. 13.Large exhibitions regularly held in the open
  14. 14.Reduce car's energy going round motorway
  15. 15.Chap mostly in charge of enhancing stock
  16. 16.Pipes from bath emptied slowly at first
  17. 17.Old land use system's one required over in Florida
  18. 18.Famous statue, Oscar, in aluminium and tin?
  19. 19.Self-esteem, say, zero
  20. 20.Melting away, no appeal with Scotland's rising
  21. 21.Attempt to get British passport?
  22. 22.Fixed new trouble with editor
  23. 23.Less attractive fruit about to be returned
  24. 24.Stay with key Biblical kingdom in allegiance
  25. 25.A daughter entering before sons and fathers
  26. 26.Adding yolks and whites to, say, spirit and finally drinking
  27. 27.One new translation flipping everything on its head?
  28. 28.Superficial former partner learnt to change
  29. 29.Found that rhino is seen regularly in part of North America
  30. 30.Middle parts in clue edited
  31. 31.Firm to explain about computers, etc
  32. 32.Lasting changes in each key group of counties
  33. 33.Fail to advance entirely, it's said, without company
  34. 34.Vegan travelling round European city
  35. 35.Go to a resettled region down under
  36. 36.Part of work of worker in company
  37. 37.The whole amount — or a little, we're told
  38. 38.Adjusted organ pipes in space outside church
  39. 39.Warning spirit has been adulterated
  40. 40.Modern area bordered by Stepney Rd after renovation
  41. 41.Harsh area held by Bushmen
  42. 42.Want to eliminate Republican loss
  43. 43.Relocating elite moving between Magdalen and Christ Church?
  44. 44.Keen to go round ring bypass
  45. 45.Influence of fine performer
  46. 46.Run a metro badly, producing fractional dividend
  47. 47.English working in South African region in very early days?
  48. 48.Extended lavish picnic, perhaps?
  49. 49.Zany crew gatecrashing start of school dance
  50. 50.Good joint of meat containing a lot of roughage and protein
  51. 51.Server dropping one drink
  52. 52.Month right in capital city of Russia
  53. 53.River creature going after river rat
  54. 54.Setter using extremely gauche, outdated language