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  1. 1.Soil fan finds truffle?
  2. 2.Train myself to straddle a horse
  3. 3.Reprimand right for academic
  4. 4.Dark scene as small number go inside church
  5. 5.Drop ancient historian from audition
  6. 6.Buffoon Mark rejected old woman — that hurt!
  7. 7.Silly person? I don't believe you!
  8. 8.Religious song from that man on the radio
  9. 9.Can he con criminal? Most unlikely!
  10. 10.Very with it in European country, so go
  11. 11.Caption, for example, appearing in advance
  12. 12.Element in languages voiced by cardinal
  13. 13.Most important element
  14. 14.A learner driver unlucky about height, nevertheless
  15. 15.Artist ultimately carried weight, though not initially in poor condition
  16. 16.Prompt line heard
  17. 17.Pitcher found in drain, missing lid
  18. 18.Mistake to ignore leader in church area
  19. 19.Information at short notice sent back
  20. 20.Perhaps the small items
  21. 21.Reluctant to quote over dividing lease
  22. 22.Face headless man, drinking port
  23. 23.Called into action? That's mad
  24. 24.Wind, destructive at the outset, coming in closer
  25. 25.Copper linked with unusual poison
  26. 26.At a country home being entertained
  27. 27.Source of naval power in Rome gone after collapse
  28. 28.A German beer mug for renowned scientist
  29. 29.Everyone choosing Princess to accept love note
  30. 30.Insider from Acton wrestling to claim prize
  31. 31.Make little of sad dramatic composition
  32. 32.Log falling on leg in our canal
  33. 33.Secret society controlling racket from South island
  34. 34.Musicians in costume
  35. 35.Outbreak of illness starting with revolting contaminated housing?
  36. 36.River far from shallow, mostly
  37. 37.Oases, principally, in awfully big desert
  38. 38.Regularly target a certain masterpiece?
  39. 39.Huge Greek character losing face
  40. 40.Handsome young man in cricket side, one in advertisements
  41. 41.A two-page conclusion with one Times supplement?
  42. 42.Happy having supervision without charge
  43. 43.Wake-up call concerning girl unwell inside
  44. 44.Appliance, left out in the old days for bathroom cleaner?
  45. 45.Drop key soap opera?
  46. 46.Steal the Spanish coin
  47. 47.Sweet and flowing in poetic source
  48. 48.Bob, eg British coin: not good
  49. 49.Study country, southeastern
  50. 50.Beloved daughter on organ
  51. 51.Refuse to provide exits
  52. 52.River current taking out both banks?
  53. 53.Split peas, ridiculous price
  54. 54.Think to behave diplomatically? About time!