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  1. 1.Trouble with English sailors netting duck's wing part
  2. 2.Guarantee less than accurate reportedly
  3. 3.Child departs, giggling, scratching head
  4. 4.Vehicle characterized by activity, last to go
  5. 5.Worry about troops governed by D-notice
  6. 6.Getting Old Boy practice after resistance dropped
  7. 7.Method of travel on rise? Don't believe him!
  8. 8.Complete journey on bullet train?
  9. 9.Heroine Jane securing current high-rise retreat
  10. 10.Unexciting food, for example, Dorothy's briefly brought up
  11. 11.Small articles breach crazy paper's title
  12. 12.Going by live data, microbe mutates with it
  13. 13.Big canal boat bachelor put aside for learner
  14. 14.Left revolutionary in charge of hot line?
  15. 15.Rug and anorak more than enough to cover African
  16. 16.Fancy horse, Peru, one to bet on in crisis?
  17. 17.Actor coached with one in test of speech
  18. 18.Victor's wife leaving ring circling bull
  19. 19.As hands go to strike, sensible to get behind!
  20. 20.Rearrange a space as in inland lake
  21. 21.Separate trip taking in golf game
  22. 22.Concur — a craving must be curtailed
  23. 23.Education expert, most senior, flexible
  24. 24.Kid in stories not exactly well-behaved, for example
  25. 25.One who regrets maybe taking in Liberal leader
  26. 26.Bright in South — linger on
  27. 27.River Ure guide undergoes training, as is proper
  28. 28.Friend hiding European ring
  29. 29.Insert another cartridge left over in study
  30. 30.Troublemaker's air got at cast
  31. 31.Immoderate posh officer joins gunners
  32. 32.In favour of quiet support
  33. 33.Daily column includes a drawing
  34. 34.Some yoga — the recruits assemble
  35. 35.Concealed stock ready for auditor
  36. 36.Female cut turkey
  37. 37.Truly reflect Michigan trio of Republicans holding office at outset
  38. 38.Blue Berets' former muscle man not bargained for
  39. 39.Count 150 bare pens on island
  40. 40.Politician's Dad you heard on series of items
  41. 41.Nice way to host knight, ancient character
  42. 42.Gather fuel blanketing heart of Ireland
  43. 43.At first really envious, eying fine part of sail
  44. 44.Finally struck margin on European food
  45. 45.Smart little Euphemia collects just over 100 books
  46. 46.Plan for a stack in Perth to be withdrawn
  47. 47.Feature of car used in hasty retreat
  48. 48.I'm surprised US broadcaster limits alcohol
  49. 49.Paid poet on regular basis for musical instrument
  50. 50.Ambush — hazard of course
  51. 51.Asian, one chasing a lover around Grand Hotel
  52. 52.Star, say, visiting Virginia
  53. 53.Taciturn guy's unexpected story about East
  54. 54.Carp, the sixth to be found in shrunken state
  55. 55.Opening remark in ship on Arctic?
  56. 56.Fish with twit on banks
  57. 57.Big number, including other ranks, in swampy area