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  1. 1.Hooligan initially hiding in towing vessel
  2. 2.Improves English manuscript, including the last bit
  3. 3.Is husband behind bar cast out?
  4. 4.Covering of animal pen sheik's replaced
  5. 5.So ill, reportedly
  6. 6.Compel a fellow to become publicity bod
  7. 7.The old strayed badly in the recent past
  8. 8.Simple peasant meeting posh Asian worshipper
  9. 9.Wickedness coming to church subsequently
  10. 10.Paint Paddy applied over small area
  11. 11.One banging about in the kitchen?
  12. 12.A jolly poster, perhaps, introducing a naval force
  13. 13.Take a second job and while away time, getting frivolous?
  14. 14.Figure shut in with endless pain
  15. 15.Chap carrying can over form of restraint
  16. 16.Players needing drink before start of match
  17. 17.Artist's workplace and breeding establishment originally in Oxford
  18. 18.Need to have inventive parent?
  19. 19.Receiver of post — man said to faint?
  20. 20.City with fashionable past
  21. 21.Empty-headed granny in outskirts of Ilfracombe
  22. 22.Old nun with guise terribly naive
  23. 23.Is ''chaps too disturbed'' appropriate for them?
  24. 24.Small 13, but crucial
  25. 25.Extreme cold, suggesting a big problem?
  26. 26.Reprobate entered age falsely
  27. 27.Sneer at last of this cereal
  28. 28.Touch down on eastern half of this detached territory
  29. 29.English at home always — waiting for one to come?
  30. 30.Difficult week disturbing a protégé
  31. 31.French cow, possibly, standing by back of large car
  32. 32.Ham trimmed at the edges is what soldiers need
  33. 33.Big cat identified by secretary without hesitation
  34. 34.Afterthought about angry sea robbers
  35. 35.Nice seats arranged for film buffs
  36. 36.With the female coming in, the old man made haste
  37. 37.All the players — nearly half the ice cream
  38. 38.Way to stop a youth's initial lack of interest
  39. 39.Accommodation for the bosses?
  40. 40.Small box advertisements — they are intrusive
  41. 41.Scheming lookalike finally fled London borough
  42. 42.Judge coming down heavily maybe — or holding back
  43. 43.Remains of an oleaceous tree?
  44. 44.Daughter is on programme of studies in Communication
  45. 45.A new attempt by artist to produce material
  46. 46.Immaturity of horse carrying on excitedly at first
  47. 47.Wife maybe has role — loveless dictator
  48. 48.Troublemakers are weak types, lacking weight
  49. 49.Canny ruler around at this time
  50. 50.Way a prisoner is in prison
  51. 51.Notes on paper occasionally
  52. 52.Self-esteem and energy to depart
  53. 53.Nut-tree that breaks up as I chop it
  54. 54.Picture left — one nibbled by rodent?
  55. 55.Grey adult initially reluctant to come forward