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  1. 1.Report of behaviour in country house
  2. 2.Old Spanish coin's equal — mark, or noble?
  3. 3.Some sponsor a clerical authority
  4. 4.See about trainer regularly entering college
  5. 5.Reportedly splashes out for extras
  6. 6.Stoical heavyweight boxer attracting a lot of flak
  7. 7.Formation of the ruling class
  8. 8.Site old boy set up, producing psychological medicine
  9. 9.Ghost of dog enthralling most of southern county
  10. 10.Singer said to be getting this in payment?
  11. 11.Celestial model peer is reassembling across border
  12. 12.First Lady inspiring Bill's escape
  13. 13.Record what a tennis player hopes not to be
  14. 14.Terrible strain, meeting a Russian ruler
  15. 15.Friend turning up with excellent computer
  16. 16.Hugely how one enjoys one's food? Not at first
  17. 17.Stainer's daughter, the old composer's last
  18. 18.American Indian leaving hospital very quickly
  19. 19.Rebellious Democrat insisted on reform
  20. 20.Sacred representation your present compiler studies
  21. 21.Extrovert Swede's capital expenditure
  22. 22.Set up an academy
  23. 23.Are conditions at sea a factor?
  24. 24.Cheat excessively when talking over date
  25. 25.Proposal held back by aristocratic medical specialist
  26. 26.Distinguished prize-giver moving east
  27. 27.Like courses taken in college for speakers?
  28. 28.Dish fit for a queen?
  29. 29.Member of educational order — Charity Pecksniff perhaps?
  30. 30.Bath perhaps welcoming female climber
  31. 31.Rich confection set beside woman crossing river
  32. 32.Operation sees old Conservative obstructing newspapers
  33. 33.German city judge
  34. 34.Female English graduate embracing head of maths
  35. 35.Support commanding officer in post
  36. 36.Greenery a bind when invading shelter
  37. 37.Virtuous as the laic may become
  38. 38.Old man in Rome with extra time for sales pitch
  39. 39.Like some rock artist cavorting before class?
  40. 40.Patch up two Royal Engineers?
  41. 41.Young Girl Guide initially welcomed by supporter on course
  42. 42.Letter Goethe tantalisingly conceals
  43. 43.Ignorant of tune lacking intro about a conflict
  44. 44.Girl in US city understood to keep a domesticated animal
  45. 45.All-knowing scion met in travels
  46. 46.Two articles about grant for long jumper?
  47. 47.Job Elizabeth I managed diligently at first
  48. 48.Popular fellow succeeded, possessing new means
  49. 49.Sword belonging to Ernest O'Casey
  50. 50.Post for Paddington?
  51. 51.Dance and drink with returning sailor
  52. 52.Single girl torn apart by old tax: it's never-ending!