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  1. 1.Loud preacher has nearly half of Harvard university consumed by rage
  2. 2.Obscures one source of malpractice in English county
  3. 3.Where it's said Hindu might seek guidance for trespasser
  4. 4.Spending far too much for ship that's changed hands
  5. 5.Hint that's left in something needed by Potter
  6. 6.Ruminants destroying good crop
  7. 7.Greek character s-scarpered, wrapped in scarf?
  8. 8.Mark off for student who passed out
  9. 9.Sinking Smith's top bitter, litre drunk
  10. 10.A cricket club in pub, at card game
  11. 11.Do something for Bill, eventually?
  12. 12.Pull in specialised troops north of zone
  13. 13.A cent — price for buttonhole?
  14. 14.Levy held up by Cornish banker dealing with outmoded system
  15. 15.Knock back poet whose work is taking off?
  16. 16.Comedy turn in Ulster city disheartened
  17. 17.Core RUC reforms take place again
  18. 18.This writer's set took liberties
  19. 19.Live to the north of a region
  20. 20.Turned to display drowned valley
  21. 21.One had, in manner of speaking and lying, to be clumsy?
  22. 22.Prime forge?
  23. 23.Revolutionary advice for holding dual gets approval
  24. 24.In charge of trophies, after initially having minor problems
  25. 25.Preserve taken from food cupboard, with cover
  26. 26.Runner who's taken off?
  27. 27.Manages CD counts differently
  28. 28.Cuts back firm plasterwork
  29. 29.Army office, half lost in cyclone, rebuilt
  30. 30.Conclusion of many old kings in royal house
  31. 31.Put out books about America
  32. 32.Miser with a bill condemned generous practices
  33. 33.Note kitty's been raised: it's understood
  34. 34.Individual breaking racket eliminated
  35. 35.Caviar, for example, Cecil Day devoured
  36. 36.Rogue put on uniform in farewell entertainment
  37. 37.Prayerful, reflective verse editor dismissed
  38. 38.Old secret police force's lack of action
  39. 39.Lecturer's visible prompt
  40. 40.Repertory company's provision for toddlers?
  41. 41.Returning in lilac Cadillac, see old Asian capital
  42. 42.Victor abandoning arranged takeover leaves here before autumn
  43. 43.Necklace found in motor club
  44. 44.Extra dedicated housing marketed
  45. 45.Handouts arranged by Thursday — but way down the list!
  46. 46.Cleric getting to grips with a particularly sensitive subject
  47. 47.Kicks poor journalists
  48. 48.Get faster account, and celebrate, having lost heart
  49. 49.Vehicle's condition in contest brought up
  50. 50.Cards, until redealt, not entirely clear
  51. 51.Ginger nuts for ducks
  52. 52.Regularly ice-cold English female, one seen on the staff
  53. 53.Small fashion accessories match nails, perhaps
  54. 54.Send down report to the capital