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  1. 1.Gangster loses one item of clothing
  2. 2.Cleric cut daughter going to centre
  3. 3.Lively grammarian's voice?
  4. 4.Detective flying our helicopter
  5. 5.Roll a companion leaves on plate?
  6. 6.Stagger back, giving lecherous look
  7. 7.Assassin infiltrating town in Japan
  8. 8.European bishop replaced by very unrefined individual
  9. 9.Disparager's bad name sons endure
  10. 10.Big guns badly stuck in main road
  11. 11.Dry fellow rising to interrupt
  12. 12.Stout Russian teacher originally in old college
  13. 13.Starts to acquire cheap tops off rugby player
  14. 14.Notice from this source inspiring Queen's devotion
  15. 15.Linger unhappily at stern of boat in lock
  16. 16.Fix a Baltic city
  17. 17.Leaders of drinking society drink vintage liquor for melancholy
  18. 18.Destructive lout beginning to lurk behind London museum
  19. 19.Be about to drop off teacher going north
  20. 20.Aid for smoking, herring primarily having gone missing
  21. 21.Meander to restored cathedral
  22. 22.Just cause, providing venue for outdoor entertainment
  23. 23.Vet only reused something new
  24. 24.Girl with record, we hear, that's something comparable
  25. 25.Soldier captures leaders of old brigade in desert
  26. 26.Scheme with alien world
  27. 27.Wrong note, right singer
  28. 28.Ancient city on eastern river
  29. 29.Like layer of skin partially under microscope
  30. 30.Got up, put on a white robe
  31. 31.Leader of Tories in posh headgear? Well I never!
  32. 32.Japanese port's extremely obvious alias
  33. 33.Strike a pose and rise to speak, for example?
  34. 34.Department in minor seaside town
  35. 35.After a month in Paris, man claims right to be hotel manager
  36. 36.Burrowing rodent in short programme, broadcast internally around India
  37. 37.Result of putting lots of dough in the kitty?
  38. 38.Lancaster ground inherited from one's forebears
  39. 39.So hard entering union circles, ultimately!
  40. 40.Sneaky on a regular basis? No!
  41. 41.Transport chief performing in the street?
  42. 42.Loyal subject, say, tucking into pork pie
  43. 43.Eccentric chap, a Welshman
  44. 44.Service person putting iodine in join
  45. 45.Representing Nepal, the largest living land animal
  46. 46.German count's friend's final resting place
  47. 47.A French match is separate
  48. 48.Bring back enthusiastic opera singer
  49. 49.A small number backing WWII alliance
  50. 50.Inventor is done with invention
  51. 51.Doctor in Iowa, one for feet
  52. 52.Vulgar puritan is beheaded
  53. 53.Vehicle reversed by man wearing gem, not of the highest standard
  54. 54.Foul game
  55. 55.Algeria destroyed symbols of royalty
  56. 56.With misgivings, like one in a French cathedral city
  57. 57.Promote growth of civilisation