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  1. 1.Five in a social event meeting duke, getting on
  2. 2.Ready for some tennis
  3. 3.In Peru, let hero, ostensibly, reign
  4. 4.Chemist placing vanadium in period
  5. 5.Cook requires good little sieve
  6. 6.Robust defending judge, one revolutionary prophet
  7. 7.Survey revealing deception: sect's up for reform
  8. 8.Exponent of record with a beat you can hear
  9. 9.Add to workers in holiday month with our lot off
  10. 10.Rush to get mug in seaside location
  11. 11.Different strangers Des offended
  12. 12.Flood having subsided with river contained
  13. 13.Find lie's upset non-believer
  14. 14.Mockery of politician in debate that hasn't succeeded
  15. 15.Children keeping dog brought to safety
  16. 16.Uncritical learner in tricky situation
  17. 17.Call concerning result?
  18. 18.Give description of fish coming to harbour
  19. 19.Each leading
  20. 20.Criminal offence of a group in court
  21. 21.Through which spirit is poured out of sight
  22. 22.Guy in cricket side leaving Somerset's ground
  23. 23.Killer at sea concealed bloomer
  24. 24.Roman official's search round area to get gold
  25. 25.Row initially about cuts as an alternative
  26. 26.Membrane's wrecked by a puller
  27. 27.A new shirt PC ordered — I'd retain his helmet?
  28. 28.Instructed in pronunciation of tense
  29. 29.Periodical by graduate is hot stuff!
  30. 30.School with top athlete
  31. 31.Element hanging round game making one cross
  32. 32.Not a day patient's bag?
  33. 33.Top style in Russian city
  34. 34.Quail, being left stuck in seat
  35. 35.Female getting wind after car abandoned outside?
  36. 36.Fellow holding church party in kingdom once
  37. 37.Artist and doctor: old, aggressive male
  38. 38.Outdoor job travelling round forest, missing nothing
  39. 39.Knowing a king is held in great respect
  40. 40.Reference compiler exposing nonsense about good English
  41. 41.Zealot to rock around
  42. 42.Old man, head on verge of retirement
  43. 43.Triumphant expression every second from rash lad
  44. 44.Military commander admitting oversight finally — one's fired
  45. 45.Pro might, abandoning civil engineer
  46. 46.Cheer coming from old men in dance
  47. 47.Character waited for leave period
  48. 48.City match expecting many away supporters?
  49. 49.Bend in centre of field: ogle girls
  50. 50.Six sandwiches bought up for guest
  51. 51.Female relative invading pitch is showing off
  52. 52.What's provided by painter, pretty gloss
  53. 53.Goodness gracious, having to get round exam on modern technology!
  54. 54.Locals embracing girl are natives of state
  55. 55.Reluctance to move one near it, somehow
  56. 56.Game men with desire, heading off into dances