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List Of Clues: 12-May-2022 | Page 1 of 1 | Crossword Buzz Answers

  1. 1.Nuts eaten by buffalo, countless
  2. 2.Sunny city on the French Riviera
  3. 3.Most idiotic fools, right to the fore, in court
  4. 4.Periodical served up piece as a good opener?
  5. 5.Notice spinners turning
  6. 6.Exceptional man with great hope campaigning very vigorously?
  7. 7.Again organise seaside town
  8. 8.Formula for making little Sarah's shoe
  9. 9.Upcoming fashion — chain of shops to provide special footwear
  10. 10.Song in concert, unexceptional
  11. 11.One ''spiky'' type to go off the deep end, rambling
  12. 12.Racket — that has strings attached
  13. 13.Dress up and talk big
  14. 14.Act as vicar maybe, providing church with a set of holy books
  15. 15.An item or two?
  16. 16.Cricketer with beer to knock back
  17. 17.A story, nipper's prime requirement, had to be off-putting
  18. 18.Not any of it, sister said?
  19. 19.Mention a funny name
  20. 20.Scruffy children — last thing academy needs
  21. 21.Char and whisky, when time is right
  22. 22.Plane top in Germany, though many lost
  23. 23.Parade trinkets also
  24. 24.Soon despicable fellow gets a woman to have close relationship
  25. 25.Dog left out in the open given drink at the pub
  26. 26.Chap, if elderly, having various functions
  27. 27.Shape on the page not entirely irregular
  28. 28.Miserable aim to get new leader
  29. 29.No worry with energy at a minimum in early period
  30. 30.Box where sculpture perhaps hidden in deception
  31. 31.Notice lout is on the loose — I will speak out in a clear manner
  32. 32.Box fastener in wood
  33. 33.Trying hard, not having succeeded in the gym?
  34. 34.Something sent round
  35. 35.Buggy feasible for bringing fruit
  36. 36.International organisation to protect old city: way one can make people feel better?
  37. 37.Complete reinvention of triangle
  38. 38.One's got on in an endeavour to go with the flow
  39. 39.Nude is strangely finding knickers, say
  40. 40.Host's moderately tipsy — we've heard that so many times before!
  41. 41.European sensing English rather bitter, first of all
  42. 42.Worker in study somewhere in Switzerland?
  43. 43.Alarm when the cut finger sprained
  44. 44.Club hit — accompaniment to fish just cooked?
  45. 45.Dope fixing a steed
  46. 46.Uninteresting place to live
  47. 47.Description of Winnie as a mammal?
  48. 48.Pieces of sculpture mostly standing on a pair of parallel lines
  49. 49.Fit girl running round bottom of garden, minor
  50. 50.A hybrid sort of clue
  51. 51.Maybe one-to-one operation is somewhat lacking
  52. 52.County and country inadequately supplied with money — anger ensues