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  1. 1.Imagine mum with new lover
  2. 2.Unmarried albeit excited in church
  3. 3.Alluringly moody, wry leader getting ousted by Times
  4. 4.On island, young animal hasn't left foot
  5. 5.God cross having to secure a chest
  6. 6.One really invigorating kind of drink
  7. 7.Spike's line brilliant
  8. 8.Host penning song, greeting Latin musician
  9. 9.Robust law changed in shock
  10. 10.One mustn't be quick to take umbrage so?
  11. 11.One arriving to secure position as server, say
  12. 12.Thoughtless ace rival shot
  13. 13.Understood criminal's exchanged pounds for politician
  14. 14.On the mend leaving hospital somewhere in London
  15. 15.Punish one following teacher round at home
  16. 16.Instrument this person left by theatre
  17. 17.Factor of climate change disseminated on-line
  18. 18.Artist banking one grand for capital
  19. 19.Show English model receiving kiss
  20. 20.Having no locks, bound to get caught by a group spying
  21. 21.Spray last of soda in direction of person who's near
  22. 22.Cooking pasta with soy is treachery
  23. 23.French wine to embrace European mood
  24. 24.Reptile on ground is to prove invasive
  25. 25.Serving man sides with gangster in early years
  26. 26.Shot said to make cathedral cleric weep
  27. 27.Frond in meadow flower's opening
  28. 28.Male relative tucking into the Orient's amazing food
  29. 29.Building material in East London obtains top rating
  30. 30.Choice initially denied in ballot
  31. 31.Vocal style in musical with moving ending
  32. 32.Tablets working on joint destroyer?
  33. 33.Material that's down, note, in the market
  34. 34.Leg muscle a little lower?
  35. 35.Hearing about British having a partisan mentality
  36. 36.Going into Tolstoy, staged plays
  37. 37.Communicate what errors do?
  38. 38.They command outer garments to cover underwear
  39. 39.Knock back beer, some amount, in style
  40. 40.Scrap a finale in Wagner like The Ring
  41. 41.A nameless, passionate person with a bouquet
  42. 42.Nasty kid runs into club
  43. 43.An anthropoid ape shunning ill goat
  44. 44.Hitman is running from a part of Greece
  45. 45.In transit, seeing red caviar boxes a dull experience
  46. 46.Physical training to keep climber mostly flexible?
  47. 47.Proletariat accepting start of Latin's polite comment
  48. 48.Small pub defending step which keeps characters apart
  49. 49.Clasp a small amount of cash, extremely little
  50. 50.Feckless person exhausted
  51. 51.Calcium put into cosmetic cream for spot
  52. 52.Dessert course unfinished by bachelor
  53. 53.Getting by with fix for breaking tooth