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  1. 1.Backed pound like this economist
  2. 2.Red-light woman?
  3. 3.Stew over answer to a contentious question
  4. 4.Sometime earlier in the day, first of semi finals?
  5. 5.Let out advance payment to shrink
  6. 6.Hotels in opposite directions
  7. 7.Mark a short distance in front of a large animal
  8. 8.Mysterious girl with hat, cape and lamp
  9. 9.Film Queen Elizabeth II?
  10. 10.Fellow accepting National Trust's role of responsibility
  11. 11.Inactivity that may follow love-in
  12. 12.Backed party, of course?
  13. 13.Which you need a head for?
  14. 14.Deacon is excited to become a bishop
  15. 15.Improved aim, seizing opportunity after dismissing opener
  16. 16.Two different rings encircling first moon of Jupiter
  17. 17.Smash hit at concert hall to arrive at club
  18. 18.Prophet's book, as prepared for a Mass
  19. 19.Chance event in which criminal traps one lot of detectives and headless coppers
  20. 20.I don't like that second husband coming in back door in nonslip footwear
  21. 21.Caught in fight after turning up for boozy event
  22. 22.Legend in game, but not going down a treat in Milan?
  23. 23.Potentially dangerous competition that sounds like a charity fun run!
  24. 24.Gym miles to the west of ruined Welsh castle
  25. 25.What's techy up to, struggling to input data quickly?
  26. 26.Canteen dining attendant clearing out last of scampi with courage
  27. 27.Children's game that may hint at golf?
  28. 28.Legendary runner outwitted ace in Olympic venue
  29. 29.Some gathered plane tickets for out-of-this-world destination
  30. 30.Old king's private, large hotel for taking in Olympics?
  31. 31.Broadcast for church service
  32. 32.Series of trees
  33. 33.Arrive in the nick of time and make the grade all right!
  34. 34.One can serve starters: seasonal food?
  35. 35.Dutch American expats may
  36. 36.Police fine deceitful son brought to court
  37. 37.Unfairly achieve desired results on woodwork placement scheme?
  38. 38.Forge bars or girders, primarily, yielding this metal in different form?
  39. 39.Feast loudly with salsa dancing
  40. 40.A natural habitat, maybe, different from new zoo, etc
  41. 41.Audible row avoided: a source of visible upset
  42. 42.Crust and bacon rasher together in foil cover?
  43. 43.Group of Scouts put on uniform for assembly
  44. 44.Artist to become held up by unexpected gift
  45. 45.Drawing with help from supporter, keeping client involved
  46. 46.Dictionary one lacking interest, not quite as complex?
  47. 47.Heard course of travel cut short, not having a spanner under one's car?
  48. 48.Nose cone briefly splitting and breaking in next to no time!
  49. 49.After lie, briefly show true colours
  50. 50.Sub for Palermo finally delivered up ball with cross
  51. 51.Pass round semi cooked goose
  52. 52.Live current activated signal
  53. 53.A little laughter observed about bishop in yesterday's news
  54. 54.Knocking shop people ultimately thought to stop visiting repeatedly
  55. 55.Urge that man to chase wife
  56. 56.Fancy a fruit Tango opened by servants
  57. 57.Now end is in sight for inequality at last
  58. 58.Public's tune did best
  59. 59.Have fewer computers to manage
  60. 60.A universal god: that nameless thing with unknown power
  61. 61.Kit's packaging lays prepared for future skipper, perhaps
  62. 62.Top year rearing horse, the largest animal of its kind
  63. 63.Woman's pro-European statement?
  64. 64.Method of cooking cabbage that's caught on
  65. 65.Capital street parking wholly in front of shopping centre
  66. 66.Presenter entertaining me with gag in the final stage
  67. 67.Pave the way for power with revolutionary decree
  68. 68.Large green stone beneath a plant
  69. 69.WC Fields's first turns as comedian
  70. 70.Carries out hit-and-run attack: the main details
  71. 71.Points for attention if holding company changes direction
  72. 72.Great success due to Republican's New Model Army
  73. 73.Europeans holding positive vote retained something like CAP
  74. 74.Online dealer; as announced
  75. 75.Extensive supporting cast
  76. 76.Encourage users with ear twists
  77. 77.Skimpy costume a greatcoat conceals
  78. 78.Piece of rigging from sea holiday?
  79. 79.In favour of miscellaneous couple going topless with me and others?
  80. 80.Expert in tongue disease joining hospital department
  81. 81.Joiner placing typical suburban house by cut-off settlement
  82. 82.What was injurious to 'Ancock?
  83. 83.Stay in contention with endlessly enthusiastic whippersnapper
  84. 84.Powerful leader celebrity's half upset
  85. 85.Regularly fall over some ice
  86. 86.Road turned north past a delta — and so did railroad
  87. 87.Monster? Er. . . Run in the opposite direction!
  88. 88.Hit for army band?